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Solidarity and the Lone Soldier

This is how the story (joke) goes… A young man decides to enlist in his country’s armed forces. The commanding officer, wanting to see how prepared the young conscript is for battle asks him a rhetorical question, “You’re on the battlefield and you see two enemy soldiers approaching. What would you do?”

Sojourn to Western Armenia: From Ancient Cities to Modern Realities

I went with zero expectations. I was composed and surprisingly calm when we approached the land border crossing between Georgia and Turkey. My heart was not all aflutter, my brain was not in a state of readiness to absorb what I was about to see, there were no butterflies in my stomach. I assumed it would be a life-changing journey, but little did I know that it would take me almost six years to write about the experience. It has been and continues to be a process, both intellectual and spiritual.