Misc. articles

The Accidental Environmentalist

“Want to meet for coffee?” said the text message from Anto. He is an electrical engineering who, years ago, happened to get involved in a start-up dealing with energy storage. Now he works for one of his former vendors who produce the components needed to convert raw power into usable energy. Currently he’s working on a solar converter for big power plants. “It’s a fluke I fell into it [but] I’m not leaving it. I believe we need a solution but I’m not a freaky ‘green’ guy or anything like that,” he says with a chuckle at the interesting turn his career has taken into environmentally friendly products.

The Romantic

“Actually yesterday I was pretty depressed. I am a very romantic person and I kind of feel like I missed that era in my life,” says Melanie, known to her friends as Melo. “Now I find I’m not that selfless anymore. I would not do things because they’re romantic, I would do things because they’re logical or they make sense.” Romance and its changing nature as we evolve into the different stages of life is the topic of discussion. Whether married or single, everyone longs for its illusive magic. “Right now I’m so mechanical. If I meet someone I just have a face on where I’m totally shielded, I don’t let them get into me. There’s no feelings involved.”

The Psychic

The stairs leading up to Maggie’s apartment are halfway down the length of the building located in the heart of West Los Angeles. I climb up the gloomy darkness and knock on her door. I wonder if, through her psychic abilities, she already knew I had arrived. A short, stocky woman in her early sixties with close cropped graying blond hair answers the door. She steps aside to let me in and smiles warmly revealing the gaps of her missing teeth.

She Said

“Men confuse me,” declared Taline. “They say one thing but do something else.” She’d been on a date on a recent Friday night. She had very much looked forward to the night out with the young man. She spent two days fretting over what to wear and, on the day in question, she couldn’t help glancing at her watch every few minutes waiting for the work day to end.

He Said

“Armenian girls are different than American girls,” says Armen. “It’s true,” confirms Sarkis. It’s an age old topic, the courtship dance between men and women. I’m the only woman in the group as the men explain the illusive differences between the two genders while Vic silently listens to our discussion.

The Banker

Sitting behind the desk Zohrab looks through the windows that take up the two walls of his well lit inner office. His frequent glances monitor the activity in the outer room from the customers to the tellers to the other officers at the branch of the well known bank in downtown Beirut where he is the director.

The Philanthropist

What happens when you import the best of chocolates, the best of gelato, the best of coffee and put it all together in one place like?  You get a glimpse in the inner working of Zareh’s mind. For the past three years this he’s been operating a chocolate shop in La Canada because doesn’t believe

The Other Kessabtsi

Origins are an important element in this part of the world. The Middle East, particularly the Armenian community, relies heavily on this information when meeting strangers. Toros, after living in Kessab for over thirty years, still says he is a Sassountsi from Halleb. He is fifty seven years old with a thick bushy moustache, almost

Arthur Abraham: A World Champion Boxer, But Every Bit a Typical Young Man

Every time the Olympics roll around, as I watch athletes and nations contend for top medals, I always ask my dad, "Dad, what sports are we Armenia’s good at?" And my dad starts listing the usual: wrestling, weightlifting, chess (never mind whether that’s a sport or not). Oh, and boxing, don’t forget boxing, my dad