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To College We Will Go

It’s that time of year again when thousands of high school Juniors travel around the country visiting college universities. It’s a right of Spring, along with Easter, and Memorial Day. Alin returned from just such a trip to the East Coast recently. Next year she will be a Senior at a local, well regarded private high school. Two years ago, she sat aside and looked longingly as her brother did a similar trip. Now it was her turn.

The Restaurateur

The start of any new venture requires lots of hard work, attention to detail, determination and, most of all, research. This is exactly what Alex has been going through in preparation to opening his restaurant next month in Beverly Hills. Based on the cuisine of the Levant which is made up of countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean Sea, he plans to make his menu a modern interpretation of well known flavors and textures.

Armenia on Top

While waiting for an appointment at a local nail salon, a man, in his late 50s stepped up to the counter to pay for the services he had received. “I’m Christian,” he bellowed to his Korean manicurist loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. “I’m Armenian. You know the Genocide?” he asked her to stress his point. She nodded politely, took his money and sent him on his way without acknowledging any of his ramblings.

Chips and Salsa: Marriage and Monogamy

Chips and salsa washed down by ice cold margaritas caused the conversation to turn towards the subject of life and love and everything in between. Mari begins by commenting on the current status of her former high school classmates, “Class of 2004, Glendale High School, 90 percent are married with kids,” she says.

The Norwegian

At 6’7”, Joe is an extremely tall man with freckled skin and light brown hair. Born and raised in Wisconsin, his height and his features were a match for the mostly Scandinavian immigrants who had settled in that part of the country over a hundred years ago.

People & Places: The Argentinean Musician

There’s a deceptive lightheartedness to Levon that masks his serious side. Of his three closest friends, he is the one that speaks the least Armenian and generally does not participate in the discussions taking place regarding life, community, and identity swirling around the table at lighting speed; preferring to focus his attention on his dinner. This, coupled with the fact that he makes goofy faces in every photo ever taken of him, one would think that Levon was a happy-go-lucky guy who didn’t take anything seriously.

Assimilated with Dolma

We arrive on time at the local watering hole to meet with friends we haven’t seen in quite a while. Seems everyone is running late. Richard is the first to arrive, apologizing for his tardiness, not realizing that all of the others are still on their way.

People & Places: A Tree In A Forest

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it fall, does it actually make a sound?” asks the old adage. Does sound exists without the tool which interprets it? By the same token, what is art without the audience to appreciate it as such? Like the tree and the artist, a writer is in the same position. Words are only words without the reader who sees them and attaches meaning to them.