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The Banker

Sitting behind the desk Zohrab looks through the windows that take up the two walls of his well lit inner office. His frequent glances monitor the activity in the outer room from the customers to the tellers to the other officers at the branch of the well known bank in downtown Beirut where he is the director.

The Philanthropist

What happens when you import the best of chocolates, the best of gelato, the best of coffee and put it all together in one place like?  You get a glimpse in the inner working of Zareh’s mind. For the past three years this he’s been operating a chocolate shop in La Canada because doesn’t believe

The Other Kessabtsi

Origins are an important element in this part of the world. The Middle East, particularly the Armenian community, relies heavily on this information when meeting strangers. Toros, after living in Kessab for over thirty years, still says he is a Sassountsi from Halleb. He is fifty seven years old with a thick bushy moustache, almost