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Statement by US Deputy Secretary of State

YEREVAN (Armenpress) – Below are statemen’s made by US Deputy Secretary of State Eric Newsom during a visit to Armenia: I came to Yerevan to carry on the formal bilateral security dialogue between the United States and a newly independent state. My visit builds on a number of past exchanges with the Armenian government–including by

Prime Minister Selection Delayed

YEREVAN (Armenpress–Fact) – Levon Ter-Petrosyan–Wednesday–held talks with representatives of the "Republic" bloc of the National Assembly regarding Prime Minister Armen Sarkissian’s resignation. Although Sarkissian rendered his resignation last week–Ter-Petrosyan has not yet formally approved it– thus creating tension in government circles. Ter-Petrosyan’s press service informed the Fact news agency that at two different intervals Thursday–Ter-Petrosyan

USAID Official Discusses Allocations to Nis Armenia

WASHINGTON (Armenpress) – Following are excerpts from statemen’s by Thomas Dine– Assistant Administrator of the US Agency for International Development on behalf of the Newly Independent States. Despite a necessary preoccupation with meeting humanitarian needs resulting from the region’s conflict–Armenia has made progress in developing a market economy. It has moved into real economic growth–first

First Dynasty Issues Project Outlook and Strategic Review

SINGAPORE–March 12 /CNW-PRN/- Marcus Randolph–President of First Dynasty Mines Ltd.–today issued an updated outlook for the company’s principal projects and a review of recent strategic decisions that will affect the future direction of the company. "Nine months ago we announced that we were moving our headquarters to Singapore to build a gold mining company focused

Glendale’s St. Mary’S Church in Danger

Today–Glendale’s St. Mary’s Church–once again–is confronted with the issue of the historical monumen’s law. As the community is aware–in November 1995 this issue was addressed when the Glendale City Council reviewed the law on Historical Monument Preservation–exempting Glendale’s St. Mary’s Church from that provision. It was decided that the fate of St. Mary’s and two

Midland Bank Closure Reports Refuted

YEREVAN (Respublica Armenia)According to a report in Iravounk weekly "Midland-Armenia bank planned to leave the country." Executive Director of Midland Bank refuted the report through a letter to Armenpress.

Schiff to Hold Office Hour Friday

State Senator Adam Schiff–(D-Burbank)–will hold office hours from 9 am to noon on Friday–March 14– in the community room of the Glendale Fire Station at 421 Oak Street. Constituents who would like to meet with Schiff on that date should call his Pasadena district office at (818) 683-0282 to schedule an appointment.

Armenian Filmmaker to Be Featured in US and Canada

YEREVAN (Respublica Armenia)Filmmaker Armen Manarian’s "Tzhvzhik,"Karine" and "Egnar Spring," shot in the Armenfilm studios–will be featured in American and Canadian theaters in May. "American cinematographers have shown great interest in the Armenia Cinema," explained Manarian–who participated in a recent movie festival in Charleston. His movie "Comrade Panjouni" won a silver award.

Duma Investigates Arms Export Reports

MOSCOW (Itar-Tass)Azerbaijan’s Mili Majlis (parliament) asked the Russian Duma (lower house of parliament) to conduct an investigation on alleged Russian arms exports to Armenia. The letter circulated in the Duma stated–"…with an urgent call not to allow the building up of the military potential of the Republic of Armenia and to prevent the forthcoming escalation

No News On Prime Minister’S Resignation

YEREVAN (Azg)According to a Radio Liberty report–Monday–President Levon Ter-Petrosyan did accept Prime Minister Armen Sarkissian’s resignation–however–Azg daily was not able to verify the reports at press time late Tuesday evening. Ter-Petrosyan invited ambassadors of accredited nations in Armenia to a briefing on the situation on Tuesday–and again–he expressed his regret on Sarkissian’s resignation. Several days