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EDITORIAL: No US Attacks On Syria

As President Barack Obama prepares to address the nation, once again, on his intention to attack Syria, Armenian-Americans must unequivocally oppose the administration’s plans to engage in yet another war in the Middle East, keeping in mind the definitive impact such an attack will have on the Syrian-Armenian community.


When Armenia declared independence 95 years ago on May 28, 1918, the Armenian nation was in the throes of Genocide and the population of the newly-independent state was facing poverty and famine. The imperative—priority—to be independent of centuries of foreign rule and to resist brutal oppressors became the rallying cry for an entire nation, with

EDITORIAL: In Solidarity with the People

The February 18 presidential elections this year coincided with an important milestone for the Armenian nation. Twenty five years earlier, almost to the day, hundreds of thousands Armenians took to the streets in Yerevan and Stepanakert to demand the reunification of Artsakh with Armenia and set in motion a series of events that can be attributed to the ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of our modern-day Republic of Armenia.