Editorial articles

EDITORIAL: In the Shadows of the Centennial

The three years preceding the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide must be a time for the Armenian nation to redouble its efforts toward the realization of the Armenian Cause and the movement for the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide must be equally coupled with the pursuit of justice and demands for reparations and restitution for the Genocide.

EDITORIAL: Independence Day

What the 1918 Independence represents is more than just our nation’s resilience to, in the face of Genocide, liberate the Armenian people after centuries of imperial rule. The Independent Republic of 1918 is also the reason why there is a Republic of Armenia today for if it were not for the heroic determination of Armenians 93 years ago, Armenia could have been swallowed by oppressive forces and could have ceased to exist.

Javakhk Must be a Priority at Armenia-Georgia Talks

We are still disturbed that when Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze told reporters in Yerevan this fall that Javakhk does not exist, Armenia’s foreign minister Eduard Nalbandian stood idly without countering those dangerous statements.

EDITORIAL: The Asterisk Ambassador

President Obama, resorting to an 18th Century loophole written into our Constitution to deal with the slow pace of horse-drawn carriages, made this last-minute “recess” appointment while on vacation in Hawaii on December 29th, just days after the Congress left Washington. Bryza’s term will last less than a year, unless he is confirmed by the full U.S. Senate.