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LETTER: Who Benefits from Open Borders?

When dealing with bad or dangerous choices in making decisions, our elders would say: “Which end of the cane am I supposed to hold when both ends are in filth?” How well does that saying apply to the choices we are faced today for making decisions.

Letter: Upcoming Elections

I think there’s a tidal wave coming that’s going to engulf the Armenian community in the United States, but don’t worry, it’s not going to drown us, it’s going to lift all our boats. Danny Tarkanian (R) was in Watertown on Sunday evening, December 13, for a fundraiser to support his campaign for the Nevada seat in the U.S. Senate now occupied by Harry Reid (D). Because of his track record and platform, I helped the sponsors.

Letter: Lesson from the Mass. Senate Race

I hope that the primary overriding lesson we learn from the election of Scott Brown as the replacement senator from Massachusetts is that the electorate may finally have wised up and decided that, like an uncut melon, an elected official in a new office is an unknown quantity. He looks and acts clean cut, honest and sincere but so does every candidate for office, from class president, sophomore year in high school to country President, USA.

To the Editor: Rep. Harman Responds

I write in regard to the recent posting in Asbarez.com and its characterization of my position on the Armenian Genocide and related legislation. While it is certainly true that you are entitled to your own views – and to support those you choose for public office – you are not entitled to your own facts.

Letter to the Editor: Conquest By Faking History

In recent years the Azeris have intensified their efforts by publishing propaganda books which fakes the history of the Caucasus region. One such book is “Les Monuments d’Azerbaijan Ouest” The Monuments of Western Azerbaijan by Aziz Alakbarli. By Western Azerbaijan the author means historical Armenia; by Eastern Azerbaijan they mean the present Republic Of Azerbaijan.