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Can Davutoglu’s ‘Just Memory’ Concept Bring Justice?

BY ANDRANIK ISRAYELYAN Turkey’s Ahmet Davutoğlu has proposed to solve the Armenian Genocide question by creating a “just memory.” The assessment of the concept reveals why it is simply a denialist tactic. In 2011, then-foreign minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu called on Armenians to address the Genocide question through a concept he termed “just memory.”

Armenians Are Not Defined By the Genocide

BY HAZEL BARSAMIAN Silence is the enemy of truth. In the wake of Meline Toumani’s article, titled, “We Armenians Shouldn’t Let Genocide Define Us,” which appeared in the New York Times on April 17, 2015, I feel it is my responsibility, as an American of Armenian descent, my parents survivors of the Genocide of 1915,