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Armenians Are Not Defined By the Genocide

Armenians Are Not Defined By the Genocide

BY HAZEL BARSAMIAN Silence is the enemy of truth. In the wake of Meline Toumani’s article, titled, “We Armenians Shouldn’t Let Genocide Define Us,” which appeared in the New York Times on April 17, 2015, I feel it is my responsibility, as an American of Armenian descent, my parents survivors of the Genocide of 1915,

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The Memory of the Genocide as a Moral Compass

During the last few years there has been great enthusiasm for presenting the Armenian Genocide in fictional, story, form. My sense is that this notion animates all Armenians around the world. We all want our “Schindler’s List”, we all want our “Sofie’s Choice”. We want it because we cannot stop talking about the Genocide.