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Electoral Idiots

By Garen Yegparian It’s all I can do to not use names in this piece–all in the interest of protecting the pride of the guilty. In a place called Glendale–a very heated contest is raging for the office of City Clerk. Who’d have thought that was possible? Well–it’s true and we–as Armenia’s–are overly well represented–


By Garen Yegparian Yeah–it’s high election season–so here’s another political junkie’s craving for ya. The Burbank primary election has come and gone with some interesting results. Of the four candidates enjoying the community’s support–one was elected outright. The other three moved on to the general (run-off) election. There are three aspects of the results that

‘Tis Upon Us

By Garen Yegparian Yup–the Burbank election is here. Tuesday–February 22 is the primary election in my fair city. Hot on its tail are the LA City–LA Unified School District–and LA Community College District (the latter two impacting numerous cities) primaries–March 8–Pasadena primary–also March 8–Glendale–April 5–then possible runoffs in Burbank–April 12 and Pasadena–April 19–and finally LA

Are They That Clueless?

By Garen Yegparian Last Sunday I met Harout Sassounian at Ardashes Kassakhian’s kickoff for the Glendale City Clerk election campaign–where I had a fascinating conversation–as is usually the case–when chatting with Harout. He told of a phone call from Kaan Soyak–who you’ll remember is the Turkish co-chair of tabdik (TABDC- Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council). The

Who’s the Qualified Candidate?

By Garen Yegparian Yes–more on elections. Someone should really do a PhD thesis or other study on what drives people to run for office–especially local–under conditions that exist in places like Glendale today. Some of these poor–addled candidates are in for the shocks of their lives. Sadly they’ll also play the role of spoilers (in


By Garen Yegparian Yup–I’m doin’ it–takin’ the plunge–and hittin’ one of the biggies–ABORTION. Hell–it might even prompt someone to reply with a letter to the editor! You may have heard it in Armenian as vizhoom–but that’s used for "miscarriage" as well–which is a passive event as opposed to the active intervention required for a vizhetzoom.

The Elections Are Coming The Elections Are Coming!

By Garen Yegparian It’s an odd numbered year and a number of the cities and other governmental entities hosting the largest non-homeland Armenian community will be holding elections between now and the end of Spring. Some are one-shot–plurality-vote-getter-wins arrangemen’s (such as Glendale). Others are of the two-stage–primary-and-general variety (such as Burbank). All are non-partisan–though you


By Garen Yegparian You’re wondering–"What’s tabdik?" Well–I refuse to get vulgar–but it would have been appropriate–’cause it’s an outfit that could be described as TARC-lite. The Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council’s says it was organized in 1997 and posts protocols signed by both parties. It has addresses/contact information in the EU and the US–(recently incorporated as

Euroed Again?

By Garen Yegparian If Armenian media had a tradition of naming an "Event of the Year," in the same spirit as TIME’s "Person of the Year," it would have to be the European Union’s (EU) setting of October 3–2005 as the commencement date for negotiations over Turkey’s membership in this geographic-econo-politico-sociological assemblage. Of course this

OPINION: Good News for a Change

By Garen Yegparian See–I’m not all doom and gloom. I’ve seen a few good things on the Armenian scene this year. One was the people of the Arapkir district of Yerevan getting organized to stand up for their water rights as detailed by Apo Boghigian in some of his Asbarez columns. The initiative demonstrated by