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Turkey Prevails in Round 1; Kicks off Round 2 of Tricks on Armenia

Turkey brilliantly accomplished its objectives in the first round of negotiations ostensibly to open the border with Armenia. Ever since 1993, when Turkish leaders closed the border, they set two main preconditions for its reopening. Armenia must: 1) Stop pursuing international recognition of the Armenian Genocide; and 2) Return Artsakh (Karabagh) to Azerbaijan. Despite persistent

Washington Abuzz like Never Before

The nation’s capital is abuzz with activity, excitement and sheer anticipation of the Presidential Inauguration. A visitor from Central New York called it a "happy place," while one Virginia resident said she had not seen the city like this "ever." To walk around the city is like participating in a national celebration. The laughter and

Turkey Frets Looming US Recognition of Genocide

Prospects are high for a US recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the incoming administration of president elect Barack Obama, a leading member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation said Tuesday, reiterating his party’s calls for Yerevan not to buckle under Turkish pressure by accepting a package deal that would see, among other things, the establishment of a joint study on the genocide in exchange for normal ties.

An Interview with the Armenian Editor of ‘Russia Today’

At 26, in the world today, she is the youngest head of a global news and entertainment TV channel. In the past year formerly vocal critics of the channel have been replaced by a more balanced discussion about what type of news an English-speaking audience expects from a Russian information channel broadcasting only in English.

How it All Began: A First-Person Perspective from the Founders of Asbarez

In 1978, the Armenian Review dedicated one of its issues to the 70th anniversary of Asbarez. In it were two gems we discovered while producing this 100th anniversary edition–the English translation of two articles written by Abraham K. Seklemian, the first editor of Asbarez and the assistant editor at the time, Hovannes Kabadyan, who would later take the editorial responsibilities.

Waste, Not

BY GAREN YEGPARIAN September 11 was a good day for reading the LATimes. One interesting item was about the “freegan” movement– combine “free” and “vegan”, “The key to a free lunch”. It’s no longer just vegan, but the underlying principle of non-waste is important. Freegans currently exist on the periphery of society. They’ll scavenge food,

Court Interpreters

BY GAREN YEGPARIAN I was expecting to just have fun this week with one of my “irritants” columns, but something more serious accosted me. Walking to my bus stop from work yesterday, I saw that Court Interpreters were picketing the County courthouse in downtown LA (and four other locations) over a labor dispute for better

New Turkish President

BY GAREN YEGPARIAN I guess the hurly-burly’s done and the battle lost and won, but who noticed? What came in roaring like it might shake Asia Minor to its political core actually transpired with little more than a whimper. Maybe this is why the LATimes mislabled its “World in Brief” coverage of Abdullah Gul’s election