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KOHAR Erects Monument In Memory of Armenian Orphans

In 1915 – 1918, Armenian orphans, who had survived the Armenian Genocide, arrived at St. Joseph College in Aintoura Village, District of Kesserwan – Lebanon. At the time, the College of the French Lazarist Fathers was under Turkish occupation. Jemal Pasha had changed the College into an orphanage and assigned Halide Edib Adivar as principal in order to accomplish the policy of turcification of the orphans. As a first step, the names of the orphans were changed to Turkish names and the 1,200 young orphans, most of whom were Armenians, were exposed to brutal torture and “falakha”, (beating the soles of the feet with iron rode). Some were even killed just because they had spoken in Armenian or called each other with their real Armenian names. 300 children died of starvation and the Cholera at the orphanage.