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Angry At Turkey, Energy-Rich Azerbaijan May Spurn West

On a windswept hilltop looking down at the Azerbaijani capital Baku, Turkish flags flutter over a monument that testifies to decades of close ties between the two nations. Surrounding an obelisk bearing the Turkish crescent and star, stone blocks carry the names of dozens of Turkish soldiers who died while fighting for Azerbaijan’s independence before it was absorbed into the Soviet Union in 1922.

Defending the Armenian Church in Georgia

Among the 29 Armenian Churches functioning in Tbilisi in the beginning of the 20th-Century, only 1 remains active. Many analysts and members of the Armenian Community in Georgia view this as an attempt to completely assimilate or drive out what remains of this centuries old ethnic-Armenian population.

Moscow’s Policies in Caucasus ‘Very Dangerous,’ Warns ARF

Armenian Revolutionary Federation leaders have expressed concern over Russia’s recent deepening of military cooperation with Armenia’s main regional adversaries, saying Moscow’s policies in the Caucasus are becoming “very dangerous” and run counter to a military alliance between Armenia and Russia.