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Sarkisian Abruptly Cancels Press Meeting

Late Sunday evening, officials at Horizon television received a call from Armenian Consulate staff informing them that a scheduled press meeting with President Sarkisian on Monday was canceled. Moments later, another phone call confirmed that, in fact, a briefing with the press would take place but instead of the president, his assistant, Vigen Sargsyan would address reporters’ questions.

‘How Dare You Squander Our Political Capital?’ Hachikian Asks Sarkisian

The Armenian National Committee of America stands with the overwhelming majority of the Armenian American community in opposition to the intense pressure by Turkey and its allies to force Armenia into accepting a flawed and dangerous set of Protocols that threaten the security of Armenia, surrender the rights of the Armenian nation, and insult the dignity of the Armenian people

Sarkisian Must Be Called to Account for His Abuse of Armenian Human Rights

Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian has spent the past year of his presidency negotiating a deal with Turkey to accept Turkey’s perennial denial that its predecessor state the Ottoman Empire and nationalist forces under Ataturk executed a genocide of Armenians beginning in 1915, and to give up all claim to formerly Armenian territories depopulated of Armenians through the instrument of this 1915 genocide