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Think Tank Says Russia Needs Turkey-Armenia Talks Stalled

Does Russia have an interest in stalling the Turkish and Armenian talks? This was one of the issues addressed recently in an interview with Eugene Chausovsky, Eurasia Analyst at Stratfor ( This independent think tank provides insights into political, economic, and military developments. When asked about the Turkish-Armenian Protocols, Chausovsky said he believes they stalled and likely will remain deadlocked for the foreseeable future. He sites the Armenian President’s decision to freeze the protocols as an indication that Sarkisian is ready to halt the negotiations indefinitely.

Armenia Says Turkey ‘Squandered’ Trust As Negotiating Party

Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian has again accused Turkey of foiling a rapprochement that would end nearly a century of feud between the two neighboring states. He stressed that Ankara “has wasted its stock of confidence as a partner in negotiations” by advancing preconditions and breaking the agreed terms of the process that came to a standstill last month.

ANCA Urges Close Senate Scrutiny Of Obama Nomination Of Bryza as US Ambassador to Azerbaijan

The Obama Administration’s nomination Tuesday of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matt Bryza for the post of U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan has prompted the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) to launch a nationwide campaign calling upon U.S. Senators to carefully scrutinize his diplomatic record on issues impacting U.S. interests and American values in the Caucasus, Southeastern Europe, and the surrounding region.

Senate Should Scrutinize Bryza Before Confirming him as Ambassador to Baku

After a lengthy delay, Azerbaijan consented last week to the appointment of Matthew Bryza as U.S. Ambassador to Baku, an unnamed American official told The California Courier confirmed Bryza’s nomination through its own Washington sources. The White House is expected to shortly issue an official announcement. It is noteworthy that there has not been an American Ambassador in Azerbaijan since last July. When John Evans was recalled as Ambassador to Armenia in 2006 for using the term Armenian Genocide, the Bush administration pressured the Senate to quickly confirm his successor, claiming that the United States urgently needed an Ambassador in that country. Surprisingly, there has not been a similar sense of urgency in Washington, during the year-long absence of a U.S. Ambassador from Azerbaijan! Pres. Aliyev must have viewed this holdup as a snub to his country.

EU Leader Calls for Karabakh Membership in Europe

YEREVAN (Combined Source)—“The European Union should offer associate membership to Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan,” said the former Speaker of Slovakia’s parliament at a press conference Tuesday after serving as an election observer in Sunday’s parliamentary vote in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. In highlighting the importance of resolving the Karabakh conflict to all of Europe, the former speaker Frantisek Miklosko said a model resembling the confederation with the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg—known as the Benelux model—could be applied to the region, once the countries accept European integration.

Karabakh Voters Flock to Polls for Parliamentary Elections

More than 70 percent of eligible voters in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic flocked to the polls Sunday to elect a new parliament—the fifth legislature since the declaration of independence. More than 50 international observers and 30 international media had turned to the Karabakh authorities for monitoring or covering the elections in which four political parties with a total of 82 candidates on their slates were vying for 17 seats in parliament. The other seats in the 33-seat body were contested by 44 candidates in single-mandate constituencies.