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Erdogan Says Going To U.S., Sending Back Turkish Envoy

Turkey said on Friday that it is sending its ambassador back to Washington, a month after he was recalled to protest against a U.S. congressional committee recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also confirmed that he will attend an international unclear summit to be hosted by President Barack Obama in Washington on April 12-13.

Conference on Genocide to Be Held in Ankara on April 24

On April 24-25, a symposium on the Armenian Genocide, titled “1915 within its pre- and post-historical periods: Denial and Confrontation,” will be held in Ankara. Organized by the Ankara Freedom to Thought Initiative (AFTI), the symposium will not only address the history, but explore issues like the confiscation of Armenian property and reparations.

Ottawa Three Released

On March 19, Raffi Titizian, who was detained in Canadian penitentiaries since 1985, at the end of a lengthy and step-by-step path of rehabilitation, was granted his conditional release by the Parole Board of Canada.

Javakhk Armenians Looks Ahead to Local Elections

The NGO ‘Javakhk,’ one of several that seek to represent the interests of the prominently Armenian population of the southern Georgian region of Javakheti, convened a congress in the regional center, Akhalkalaki, on March 27 to discuss priorities and demands in the run-up to the Georgian local government elections scheduled for May 30, Caucasus Press reported on March 30.