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Climate Study Predicts Water Shortage in Armenia

The UNDP Armenia has released a thorough and alarming study conducted by the Stockholm Environment Institute on The Socio-Economic Impact of Climate Change in Armenia. The 130-page report was written by Elizabeth A. Stanton, Frank Ackerman, and Flavia Resende, who are highly respected experts in the field of environmental economics.

ATP Creates a Green Future for Communities in Armenia

In 2009, Armenia Tree Project (ATP) planted more than 56,000 trees at dozens of urban and rural sites around the country as part of its Community Tree Planting (CTP) program. The huge public demand for trees and the professional capacity of ATP program staff, along with the production of fruit and decorative trees at the Karin and Khachpar nurseries, resulted in the planting of 56,244 trees in 2009. This was in addition to the 1,000,000 reforestation seedlings planted at several sites in the Lori region.