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ANCA Chairman Urges Obama to Reverse Course

Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Chairman Ken Hachikian shared with President Barack Obama on Monday the Armenian American community’s disappointment with his Administration’s failure to honor his campaign pledges to recognize the Armenian Genocide and to foster the growth and development of Armenia.

Writer Pamuk May Face New Trial For Affirming Genocide

ANKARA (Reuters) — Orhan Pamuk, Turkey’s Nobel Prize-winning author, said he may face new compensation claims for remarks he made about the Armenian Genocide, despite an earlier acquittal in a criminal trial, the Anatolian news agency said on Saturday. Turkey’s Court of Appeals this week overturned a lower court decision that had dismissed the claims

What Armenian Americans Think about Obama

On May 12, I wrote an article titled “Obama Alienates Armenian Americans,” in which I presented the reaction of Armenian leaders and commentators to what the community views as the continuous stream of blows from the Obama Administration in recent weeks. In the two days following the posting of the article on the Armenian Weekly website, many readers posted their views on Obama’s “betrayals” and their suggestions about the road ahead.