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Updated ‘Madrid’ Principles to Include Karabakh in Talks

Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed on a preamble to the so-called “Madrid Principles” for the resolution of the Karabakh conflict, which calls for the imperative participation of the latter in the talks and sets nations’ right to self-determination as a priority for conflict resolution, said sources with knowledge of the document

Author Naomi Klein Supports Dink’s Message

Hrant Dink was a model of integrity because he not only fought for a certain group but he fought for all groups, anti-globalist activist and journalist Naomi Klein said Monday at a seminar in Istanbul. “When I did some reading about Dink I was struck to learn that he was not only opposing racism against just Armenians but against all people,” Klein said.

Turkey Preparing ‘Legal Assessment’ on Armenian Court Ruling

Ankara is working on a legal assessment to be sent to Yerevan and third parties that will seek to portray the Armenia’s Constitutional Court as having violated international law by conditionally affirming the two countries’ agreements. The document will seek to pressure Armenia into not including the court ruling as a preamble to the protocols when submitting it to Parliament.