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ANCA Advocacy Day in Sacramento, CA – April 15, 2010

Horizon 180’s Paul Chaderjian speaks with ANCA Western Region Government Affairs Director Lerna Kayserian Shirinian about the planned April 15, 2010 ANCA Advocacy Day at the Sacramento State Capitol – including commemorative programs in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide and meetings with CA state elected officials on a broad range of issues of concern to the Armenian American community.

Mark ‘Armenian’ in Census Question #9: Make Sure You are Counted!

Horizon Armenian Television and the project have teamed up in this short video public service announcement urging Armenian Americans to participate in the U.S. Census and make sure to mark “Armenian” on Question #9 of the form.

To learn how an accurate counting of Armenian Americans can assist your local community, visit: or . is a project of the Armenian National Committee Western Region, which has partnered with the U.S. Census to ensure maximum Armenian American participation in this mandatory count of every resident in the United States, required by the Constitution to take place every 10 years.