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ArmeniaFund Completes Reconstruction of Karabakh’s Togh Village School

LOS ANGELES–Armenia Fund U.S. Western Region announced this week the completion of the Togh Village Secondary School’s reconstruction. The school is located in the Hadrut Region of Nagorno Karabakh. Over $115,000 of the total $465,000 needed for the reconstruction was donated by the students, parents and faculty of AGBU Manoogian Demirdjian School in Los Angeles,

A Look at the Life of AYF Founding Father Arthur Giragosian

That history has countless unsung heroes is undeniable. When looking in detail at the history of any movement there are almost always scores of important figures whose names have been largely overlooked or forgotten. The AYF is no exception. Although Karekin Nejdeh is rightly considered to be the founder of the AYF, there were several