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AYF Initiates Online Petition on Armenia-Turkey Relations

The Armenian Youth Federation’s Eastern Region has initiated an on-line petition through which Diasporan Armenia’s may convey their concern regarding recent developmen’s in Armenia’s foreign policy, as well as reaffirm their views on Armeno-Turkish relations. This petition will be sent to His Excellency Tatoul Markarian, Armenian Ambassador to the United States. All Armenia’s are asked

Turkey Frets Looming US Recognition of Genocide

Prospects are high for a US recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the incoming administration of president elect Barack Obama, a leading member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation said Tuesday, reiterating his party’s calls for Yerevan not to buckle under Turkish pressure by accepting a package deal that would see, among other things, the establishment of a joint study on the genocide in exchange for normal ties.

The Epiphany Project Breathes Sacred Texts Into Song

WATERTOWN, Mass.–Following a 6-year hiatus of touring in the U.S., husband and wife musical team John Hodian and Bet Williams will bring their band, the Epiphany Project, to U.S. stages on both coasts with live shows that took place in New York City (Nov. 21), Philadelphia (Nov. 23), as well as upcoming shows in Los

Understanding History in Order to Change It:The Soviet Legacy in Today’s Armenia

Can you imagine trying to understand the depopulation of Nakhichevan or Kharabakh’s struggle for self-determination without considering the impact of Stalin’s decision to carve up these regions from Armenia in 1921? Better yet, can you imagine trying to understand the present state of Armenian-Turkish relations without looking at the facts of the Armenian Genocide? Although

ANC-WR Intern Spotlight: Elsa Menounou

LOS ANGELES ‘s As a community and government affairs intern with the Armenian National Committee-Western Region’s Internship-Externship Program (ANC-WR IEP), Elsa Menounou is developing a variety of skills and gaining valuable hands-on experience. Her projects include investigating what is being taught in California high schools regarding the Armenian genocide and raising general public awareness of

Arpa International Film Festival Takes on Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD–From October 24-26, Arpa International Film Festival screened 50 films from 21 nations, including Armenia, Australia, Canada, China, Congo, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tobago, Trinidad, Turkey, UK, and Venezuela. Arpa’s Official Selection included “The River Ran Red,” “Strength and Honour,” “The Flyboys,” “Familiar Voices,” “Yai Wanonanable ‘s The

Peroomian’s New Book Looks at Armenia’s who Continued Living in Turkey After Genocide

And Those Who Continued Living in Turkey after 1915Rubina Peroomian, Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, 2008, 277pp.Reviewed By Arpine Konyalian Grenier This work, the second of Peroomian’s trilogy, is a timely treatise, well researched, revelatory and quite touching for any reader, Armenian, Turkic or other. It provides information and lays the groundwork for what, hopefully, is yet

Obama’s Election Forces Turkey to Rethink its Deman’s from Armenia

Turkey has blockaded Armenia for the last 15 years with the vain hope that this would force Armenian leaders to make concessions to Ankara on several fronts: Abandon the pursuit of genocide recognition, acknowledge Turkey’s territorial integrity, and accept Azerbaijan’s jurisdiction over Artsakh (Karabagh). In return, Turkey offered to lift the blockade and establish diplomatic

European Parliament Hosts Landmark Conference on Turkey’s Dersim Massacres

BRUSSELS (ArmRadio)–The European Parliament hosted last week a conference on the Massacres of Dersim, one of the many neglected slaughter campaigns orchestrated by the Republic of Turkey following the Armenian Genocide. The conference, held on the 70th anniversary of the massacres, highlighted the republic’s campaign in 1937 to eliminate Dersim’s local minority population, consisting of

Turkey to Propose Law Limiting Archive Use

The Turkish Government is planning on enacting a law that will place legal limitations on accessing Turkey’s national archives, according to a report published in the Turkish Milli Gazete, the newspaper of Turkey’s hardline-Islamist Felicity Party, reported Blogian.net, republishing a newsletter reporting the development to Turkish Armenian groups. ***** Below is the text of the