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Peroomian’s New Book Looks at Armenia’s who Continued Living in Turkey After Genocide

And Those Who Continued Living in Turkey after 1915Rubina Peroomian, Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, 2008, 277pp.Reviewed By Arpine Konyalian Grenier This work, the second of Peroomian’s trilogy, is a timely treatise, well researched, revelatory and quite touching for any reader, Armenian, Turkic or other. It provides information and lays the groundwork for what, hopefully, is yet

Remembering the Golden Age

For Armenia’s, October is traditionally a month of cultural celebration. During October, Armenia’s the world over celebrate their rich heritage, paying homage to those, who throughout our history, worked endless nights in dim candle light monasteries to translate into Armenian the vast riches of world literature. “Tarkmanchats,” or the “Translators’ day” is celebrated every October