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Camp Armen Demolition Halted As Activists Intervene

Camp Armen Demolition Halted As Activists Intervene

ISTANBUL—The demolition of a former camp for Armenian orphans has been halted due to public protests with activists preparing to spend the night at the site to prevent further attempts to demolish the building, Today’s Zaman reports. Around 10 a. m. on Wednesday, bulldozers entered Camp Armen — a former summer camp for Armenian orphans

Turkey’s New Armenian Radio in Wrong Dialect

ISTANBUL (Hetq)–Whether by accident or politically inspired, the newly launched, state-run Armenian radio station in Turkey is broadcasting in the Eastern Armenian dialect, spoken by the Armenians of the Republic of Armenia and quite incomprehensible to Armenians living in Turkey. Officials now say that they are investigating the matter. But some speculate the station’s intended