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BP Signs 30-Year Deal with Azerbaijan For Caspian Sea Gas

British oil group BP signed a deal with Azerbaijan on Thursday to explore and develop a big Caspian Sea gas field, cementing the oil giant’s leading position in the energy-rich former Soviet republic. The 30-year agreement on the deepwater Shafag-Asiman field was signed in the presence of new BP chief executive Bob Dudley and was his first deal since taking the helm earlier this month after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster forced out his predecessor Tony Hayward.

Matthew Bryza’s Not-At-All-Surprisingly Rough Road to Baku

Former Wall Street Journal and New York Times Caucasus and Central Asia correspondent Steve LeVine published on his “Oil & Glory” blog at Foreign Policy Wednesday a piece detailing the “unusual turbulence” experienced by Matthew Bryzain during his nomination process to serve as US Ambassador to Azerbaijan and the unease that some of the big U.S. newspapers are showing over the 14-month vacancy in the post.