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Azerbaijan Armenia exchange POWs.

BAKU (Itar-Tass)–Azerbaijan and Armenia have exchanged their ten nationals captured in the Karabakh conflict. Baku radio reported Monday that the exchange was mediated by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on call from co-chairmen of the Minsk group on Nagorno-Karabakh. Sources told Itar-Tass that Azerbaijan released–together with six Armenian POWs–a Kurd named Feliks

Ukraine Azerbaijan Strengthen Ties

KIEV (Xinhua)–Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma said Monday that Ukraine and Azerbaijan–which have signed 17 cooperative agreemen’s–should help each other in difficult times. During a meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart–Gaidar Aliyev–Kuchma expressed satisfaction with the agreemen’s–adding they indicated that "we are working to the same destination–the construction of a sovereign–independent and democratic state." The 17 accords

US Azerbaijan React to Kocharian Appointment

WASHIGNTON (Combined Sources) – Reacting to the news of Robert Kocharian’s–President of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh appointment as the prime minister of the the Republic of Armenia–Nicholas Burns–spokesperson for the US State Department touched upon the issue during a press conference Thursday–by stating the US government’s position on the matter. Burns explained that the US

Azerbaijan’s integrity key to Karabakh settlement says Speaker of Turkish parliament

BAKU–March 19 (Itar-Tass) – Turkey will not recognise any solution to the Karabakh issue unless Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity is ensured–Turkish parliament speaker Mustafa Kalemli said. "Turkey favours a complete and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from all occupied Azerbaijani territories and a return of more than a million of Azerbaijani refugees to the places of

Armenia Azerbaijan: State Department Delegation Discusses Security

Prague–13 March 1997 (By Mirza Michaeli–RFE/RL) – A U.S. State Department delegation headed by Eric Newsome–deputy head of the military policy division–held talks in Baku today with representatives of Azerbaijan’s Foreign and Defense Ministries and with President Heidar Aliyev. The delegation arrived in Baku yesterday from Yerevan–where Newsome met Armenia’s President Levon Ter-Petrosyan to discuss

Azerbaijan’s POW Estimations Groundless

YEREVAN (Armenpress) – According to information gathered from recently released Armenian prisoners–the National Security Minister of Azerbaijan–Namik Abasov–has announced that Armenia’s continue to imprison 800 Azeri war captives. Furthermore–according to a report published in Turkish Times– Abasov has also characterized Armenian captives as spies and recruiting agents for the Armenian Secret Service. On several occasions–Abasov

Armenia Azerbaijan Weapons Charge Exchange Escalates

TBILISI (Reuter) – Azerbaijan and Armenia accused each other on Tuesday of amassing weapons along a cease-fire line separating them and said the build-up could ignite new fighting over disputed territory after a three-year truce. Azeri Foreign Minister Hasan Hasanov told parliament in Baku that Armenia had obtained missile systems capable of carrying out a

Azerbaijan Begins Diplomatic Smear Campaign Against Armenia

YEREVAN (Azg–Radio Liberty) — Azeri President Gaidar Aliyev accused Armenia of violating the cease-fire agreement in place since 1994 by illegally receiving arms from Russia. Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze–on a visit to Azerbaijan–shared Aliyev’s concerns. Shevardnadze pointed to media reports of Russian tank deliveries to Armenia from Russian military bases in Georgia. "Russia’should understand that

Pallone Criticizes State Dept. “Tilt Toward Azerbaijan”

"The key to any kind of movement to a political settlement [for Karabakh] is basically for the US to take the lead but to decouple our interests in the oil of Baku from Karabakh’s self-determination." Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) WASHINGTON–DC — Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ)–the Co-Chairman of the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues–criticized the State

Azerbaijan Agrees to Troika

YEREVAN (Noyan Tapan) — Azeri President Gaidar Aliyev agreed to the proposal of appointing three co-chairmen to the Minsk Group of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe–namely Russia–the United States and France. Aliyev agreed to the proposal during a telephone conversation with French President Jacques Chirac on Monday. Armenia had agreed to the