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Armenians for Obama Targets Battleground States in Final Days of Election

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Less than four days before Sen. Barack Obama’s historic election, Armenia’s for Obama activists across the U.S. were mounting a final push to "get-out-the-vote" (GOTV) and ensure a momentous victory for the Obama-Biden ticket. The excitement was palpable, with local supporters teaming up with Armenian National Committee activists to canvass, phone bank

A Victory for All

LOS ANGELES–Armenia’s for Obama wholeheartedly congratulates President-Elect Barack Obama and Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden on their historic victory, which swept the nation with a promise of change and hope for a brighter future. The Obama victory is especially poignant for the Armenian-American community, due to the consistent promises and pledges the campaign has made on the

Armenians, Greeks for Obama Host Fundraiser for Candidate in NY

NEW YORK–Heavy winds and bitterly cold temperatures did not keep Armenian and Greeks activists in support of the Obama-Biden ticket from attending a joint fundraiser event "Opa for Obama" at Lafayette Bar and Grill owned by Greek owners and brothers Billy and Dino Bakakos in New York City on Tuesday, October 28, 2008. The event

Armenians for Obama Brief Senior Campaign Advisor on Nationwide Efforts

PHILADELPHIA, PA–Ramping up Armenia’s for Obama efforts in battleground states in the critical last weeks of the presidential campaign season, activists Nora Keomurjian and Karine Birazian updated Obama Presidential Campaign Senior advisor Valerie Jarrett about the group’s nationwide actions. The discussion took place earlier Monday at a "Pennsylvania Women for Obama" event held in the

Armenians for Obama Activists Rally Support in Nevada

GLENDALE, CA–Glendale area Armenia’s for Obama volunteers, working with the Obama campaign "sister-state" outreach efforts, shored up support for the Obama-Biden ticket in neighboring Nevada last Saturday ‘s a critical piece of the 2008 electoral map in the race for the Presidency of the United States. "Armenia’s for Obama volunteers have spent hours upon hours

Armenians for Obama Campaign in Key Battleground State

PHILADELPHIA–Ani Hagopian, an Armenia’s for Obama activist, and Karine Keshgegian, an active Armenian Youth Federation member of the Philadelphia chapter, went door to door in Delaware County, Penn. to promote Senator Obama and ensure his victory in this key battleground on Nov. 4. "It was really exciting to participate in battleground state. So much emphasis