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This sign welcomes visitors to Artsakh

EDITORIAL: No Other Option Except Independence for Artsakh

EDITORIAL: No Other Option Except Independence for Artsakh

A simple sentence on a sign that greets visitors entering Artsakh speaks volumes about the endurance, resilience, humility and strength of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

A scene from the music video of 'Don't Deny' by Geneology, Armenia's entry for Eurovision 2015

Eurovision 2015 Explained

BY DAISY WYATT From The Independent VIENNA—The voting procedure for Europe’s largest and cheesiest singing competition surely can’t be that complicated, can it? For Eurovision aficionado’s the 50/50 telephone-jury process is old news, but if you’re confused by the existence of two semi-finals and want to know what “nul point” really means, look no further.


Luxembourg Recognizes Armenian Genocide

  YEREVAN (Arka)—The Chamber of Deputies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg adopted unanimously on Wednesday a resolution recognizing and condemning the Armenian Genocide. Luxemburg is the latest of a slew of states to recognize the Armenian Genocide on its centennial anniversary. Noting similar moves by the European Parliament and a “growing number” of countries

WikiLeaks: French Skeptical About OSCE Process, Say WikiLeak Cables

A high-level French foreign ministry official expressed skepticism about the OSCE Minsk Group process for the Karabakh resolution and cited the large Armenian community residing in France as a factor in that country’s inability to push forward a resolution, State Department cables published by WikiLeaks revealed.