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This sign welcomes visitors to Artsakh

EDITORIAL: No Other Option Except Independence for Artsakh

EDITORIAL: No Other Option Except Independence for Artsakh

A simple sentence on a sign that greets visitors entering Artsakh speaks volumes about the endurance, resilience, humility and strength of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

After 30 Years, Javakhk Again Has a Movie Theater

For the first time in thirty years, the Armenians of Javakhk will be able to enjoy a night at the movies following the opening of a reconstructed theater in the Armenian city of Akhalkalak. The theater, named “The Golden Apricot,” opened with a religious service by Father Tatev of the Holy Cross Church. It held its innaugural screening with a showing of Harutyuan Khachaturyan’s “White Town.” Khachaturyan, whose film is about Akhalkalak, said it was his dream to see a movie theater open in the city of his birth.

Javakhk Armenians Looks Ahead to Local Elections

The NGO ‘Javakhk,’ one of several that seek to represent the interests of the prominently Armenian population of the southern Georgian region of Javakheti, convened a congress in the regional center, Akhalkalaki, on March 27 to discuss priorities and demands in the run-up to the Georgian local government elections scheduled for May 30, Caucasus Press reported on March 30.

Translating the ARF Roadmap to Regime Change into Action Part II

The roadmap to regime change is a response to conditions that were crystallized by the recently signed protocols which represent the first step in the process of rapprochement between Armenia and Turkey. The ARF has properly viewed these documents as being detrimental to Armenia’s present and future national interests. In response to this assessment, the party has announced its formal opposition to the protocols. In Part I an explanation was offered as to how the ARF can deliver on its roadmap to regime change. Although this is a gargantuan task for which the ARF has the necessary experience to undertake, it is the how of the undertaking that is crucial. The response by the ARF, if it is to be effective, must be multi-faceted in its objectives and multi-operational in its implementation.

Armenian Ambassador Meets Georgian Patriarch to Discuss Religious Rights

Armenia’s Ambassador to Georgia met Thursday with the Georgia’s spiritual leader, Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II to discuss the deteriorating situation of Armenian religious sites and monuments in the country.

Dangerous Definition

What I have in mind has been with me for quite some time now. It seeps into conversations. It’s convenient. No harm is meant by anyone using it. In its form, it’s common to most countries/nations. Unfortunately, in our case, it is a mindset fraught with peril to our future. If it becomes pervasive, the next time something like the “protocols” of last summer comes along, our reaction might be far more muted, simply because they won’t seem to intrude on a fundamental issue— restoration of our territories to their rightful owners, US.