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Turkish Ambassador Uses Protocols to Attack Genocide Resolution

On Friday, Oct. 23, Turkey’s Ambassador to the U.S. Nabi Sensoy, appearing on a Voice of America television news segment on the recent Senate introduction of the Armenian Genocide Resolution, cited the newly signed Turkey-Armenia protocols as a reason for his government’s intensifying campaign to block U.S. recognition of this crime against humanity, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

Javakhkk: An Historical Outline (Part II)

As early as before World War I, the administrative division of Trans-Caucasia became a subject of serious discussion among many national and political circles—a matter of great importance to Armenian, Georgian, and Tatar (Azerbaijani) activists who explained the Czarist-implemented divisions by the failure of the latter’s consideration of national territorial factors

Javakhk: An Historical Outline (Part I)

Gugarq, the 13th of the 15 regions (ashkhars) of historical Armenia’s Metz Haiq (Greater Armenia) Kingdom, covered the northern section of the Armenian Highlands. In the east, it bordered on the province of Utiq; in the west, of Tayq; in the south, of Ayrarat; and in the north it bordered on Iberia (Virq, Georgia). Its administrative center was the city of Tsurtav. Gugarq was one of the four borderline counties of the Armenian Kingdom and, at times, it enjoyed certain autonomy. According to some Georgian historians, the name Gugarq has a Georgian origin, and it derives from the inhabitants of the region who were called “Gogars” or “Gargars.” But Armenian sources do not mention such an ethnicity. As for the land of the Gargars, it has no correlation with Gugarq.

Javakhk Photo Exhibit to Help Youth in Troubled Region

A photo exhibition and sale, displaying the everyday life of Armenians in Javakhk will be held on Saturday July 25 at the Lost Souls Café in Downtown Los Angeles. (124 W. 4th Street, Los Angeles CA, 90013)

Awarding Saakashvili Highest State Honor A Mistake, Says Professor

Awarding Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili with the highest honor of the Armenian Republic, despite his heavy-handed policies in his country’s predominantly Armenian region of Javakhk, was a mistake by all accounts, according to a prominent professor in Yerevan, familiar with the socio-economic crisis facing the impoverished region.