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Church Conversion in Turkey Begins

ISTANBUL (Noyan Tapan) — Turkish authorities have started converting an Armenian church–located in the Yakutiye village in the city of Erzerum–into a mosque. According to Turkish authorities–"there are no Christians in the village and the conversion of the church into a mosque will be much more useful." According to the Istanbul-based Armenian Marmara newspaper–the Patriarch

Pro Turkish Rep. Calls for sale of warships to Turkey

Two-term congressman from Kentucky has emerged as leading advocate for Turkey WASHINGTON–D.C. — In an attempt to counter increasing Congressional opposition to U.S. arms sales and transfers to Turkey–Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.) has initiated a campaign to urge the Clinton Administration to transfer three "Perry" class frigates to the Turkish navy–reported the Armenian National Committee

Turkey Protests Lebanon Over Anti Turkish TV

ANKARA (Xinhua) — Turkey lodged a protest with Lebanon today requesting a ban on broadcasting a Syrian-made television series containing scenes which are very anti-Turkey. The series "Brothers of the Earth" is being advertised to start broadcasting within next week on a private Lebanese station called "Future" owned by Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik-al-Hariri. Turkish sources

Turkey Seeks to Boost Military in Helicopter Deals

ANKARA (Reuter) — Turkey’s plans to modernize its military–the second largest in NATO–were boosted Thursday with the signing of helicopter deals worth $543 million with the French-German group Eurocopter and the US firm Sikorsky. "With the signing of these contracts with Eurocopter and Sikorsky our armed forces will have taken a concrete step towards modernization

EU Asked to be Honest About Turkey’s Membership

BRUSSELS (Reuter)-Dutch Foreign Minister Hans van Mierlo said Tuesday that the time had come for the European Union to come clean with neighbor and NATO ally Turkey and tell it why it did not pass muster for EU membership. Speaking to a European Parliament committee on behalf of the Dutch EU presidency–van Mierlo said Europe

Gilman Leads Opposition to Sale of Helicopters Turkey

Influential committee chairman warns administration that the sale would "encounter significant opposition in the Congress." WASHINGTON-Congressman Benjamin Gilman (R-NY)–the chairman of the influential House International Relations Committee–announced yesterday that he objects to a proposed $170 million sale of advanced Seahawk helicopters to Turkey–reported the Armenian National Committee of America. In a January 30 letter to

Denmark Protests Over Turkey Torture

ANKARA (Reuter)-Denmark has complained to the European Commission of Human Rights about reports of torture of a Danish citizen of Kurdish origin in custody in Turkey last year–the Turkish foreign ministry said on Wednesday. Danish officials applied on Tuesday on behalf of Kemal Koc–a naturalized Dane charged in July with giving economic support from Denmark

Turkey to Give Aid to Northern Cyprus

ANKARA (Reuter)-Turkey and Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus on Friday signed an economic cooperation accord envisaging financial aid of $250 million to the northern part of the divided island–state-run Anatolian news agency reported. Turkey’s Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan said at a signing ceremony in Ankara that the aid would primarily be used in the fields of tourism–education