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WikiLeaks: US Ambassador Connects EU Membership with Facing Past, Mocks Historiography in Turkey

In a report about Erdogan and the AK Party after two years in power, U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Eric Edelman notes that the study of history in the country is subject to “to rigid taboos, denial, fears, and mandatory gross distortions,” noting that without facing its past, Turkey cannot take on the challenge of becoming an EU member. “Until Turkey can reconcile itself to its past, including the troubling aspects of its Ottoman past, in free and open debate, how will Turkey reconcile itself to the concept and practice of reconciliation in the EU?” asks Edelman.

WikiLeaks: Turkey Helped al-Qaeda, US Supported PKK?

Documents expected to be leaked this month allege that Turkey allowed citizens to smuggle weapons into Iraq, and that the U.S. helped Kurdish fighters. WikiLeaks is planning to release files that show Turkey has helped al-Qaeda in Iraq, according to the London-based daily Al-Hayat. The newspaper also reported that the U.S. helped the PKK, a Kurdish rebel organization.

US Signals It Prefers Nabucco Over Other Pipelines

The United States on Friday signaled for the first time that Nabucco is its preferred planned natural gas pipeline among the project’s other rivals. “We made it clear that we support the Southern Corridor. We also made it clear that the Nabucco pipeline is preferable strategically and politically. It will be hard to answer whether these projects will be complementary or competitive since the initial gas is coming from the Caspian,” Richard Morningstar, special envoy of the United States Secretary of State for Eurasian Energy, told a small of journalists in Istanbul.

NATO, CSTO to Unite Against Afghan Drug Threat

The Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin believes that the NATO-led coalition forces are not doing enough to effectively combat drug production in Afghanistan. As he addressed a meeting of the UN Security Council, Churkin urged NATO to respond to a proposal from the Collective Security Treaty Organization to join forces in addressing the drug threat coming from Afghanistan.