Dutch Party Challenges Turkey’s NATO Membership

Head of the Dutch Party for Freedom Geert Wilders

AMSTERDAM—The Netherlands’ third largest political party urged the country’s Foreign Affairs and Defense ministries last week to reconsider Turkey’s NATO membership, the Jerusalem Post reported.
Head of the Dutch Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders, and the party’s Middle East expert, parliament member Wim Kortenoeven, accused Turkey of abandoning its allies Israel and France, the report said.
The Turkish government had implemented sanctions on France immediately after the French Parliament voted Dec. 22 in favor of a bill penalizing the denial of the events in 1915 as genocide.
France and Holland were regarded as being among the leading countries in the NATO military alliance by the Jerusalem Post.
Kortenoeven reportedly told the Jerusalem Post that “Turkey had a short but disturbing history of abandoning its allies” and “it could be a lethal mistake to entrust them with the custody of a crucial element of new Western/European defence system against nuclear rogue states such as Iran and Pakistan.”
The party’s military spokesperson also posed questions to the ministries regarding Turkey’s reliability as a NATO partner, the article said.
The article mentioned a statement by Radio Netherlands Worldwide in which it said that it was unlikely for Netherlands or Germany to follow the French example and pass resolutions against Turkey.
“Both countries have large Turkish communities. No one will be keen to offend them with a ban. But it would be good to put a bit more pressure on Turkey. It’s always good to take an honest look at your history,” Lariss van den Heri, professor of international law at Leiden University was quoted as saying.


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  1. sam said:

    nazis. isreal isnt in nato so it shouldnt matter. And isreal abandoned Turkey by killing its citizens in international waters and refusing a simple apology

  2. Halo said:

    This would be the best development ever if Turkey is kicked out of NATO. In the 50’s Korean War, Turkey eagerly “participated” to show the USA what intense brownnosers they are, and it worked, Turkey was allowed into NATO, thus guaranteeing its existence in the face of the Soviet Union which at the time threatened to invade Turkey, and also shelving the Armenian Genocide crimes Turkey was supposed to answer to.

    With the threat of the Soviet Union gone, it is completely unnecessary for a country like Turkey to be part of NATO. “A country like Turkey” meaning an aggressive pseudo-Islamic, pseudo-Democracy which bullies every one of its neighbors, has been illegally occupying lands from all of its neighbors, is jailing its journalists, is oppressing the Kurds, always throws salt on the wounds of the Armenian Genocide with intent to insult, and has the gall and audacity to threaten other NATO members like France and even the USA.

    So why is Turkey in NATO if it is that confident that it can threaten advanced and civilized countries? And all this while it has achieved NOTHING in the way of peace, honesty, advancement and human rights, etc.

    Not long ago there was actually talk of Turkey being part of the EU. How can a fascist pseudo-Democracy which has violated every tenet of Human rights be part of the EU? The last time I checked I didn’t see any country in the EU threatening other countries “with grave consequences” because the other country was DOING THE RIGHT THING! Turkey in neither EU material, nor NATO material.

    Turkey has been spoiled to unbelievable heights, and it is time that it gets taught a lesson in humility, kicked out of NATO, and brought to justice for its crimes against humanity.

  3. shahan said:

    what a bunch of pussies, so you are not keen to offend them? But you still do not like them? so may we ask what is it you like about them? their ugly faces? or their terror? What a shame and what a shame that you should be treated with respect by any foreign parliament!

  4. Raffikian said:

    You can never trust Turkey, see what happened during Iraq war, when he was most needed abandonded his friend USA. American Tax Dollars did not buy the cooperation that the US was seeking,

  5. Hrant K. said:

    “The brave of the bravest”s’ soldiers just bombarded and killed over 40 innocent Kurdish

    civilians and injured more! The “strong and strategic ally” ‘s parliament forbid the allied n specifically

    the American forces to enter Iraq in 2003! Threatening France, Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Syria is

    a “very good asset” in the NATO alliance! When is the West going to wake up like the Dutch

    gentleman Geert Wilders and realize the vulnerability of having a deceptive ally such as “turkiye”,

    are they ready to see them at doorsteps of Vienna again? And why is the US army and NATO paying

    rent for the wrong owners of the Incirlik base? Instead should reclaim all paid rents from the steeler

    and give it to the Armenian government to hand it to the real Armenian owners. As the late Secretary

    of defence Donald Rumsfeld had stated “Turkey will pay a high price tag for not allowing us thru to

    to enter Iraq!” Wow what a great ally to Britain, Germany and our current Administration!!!

  6. John Ahmaranian said:

    Bravo The Netherlands! Bravo France ! Bravo all these contries who started to know the real
    identity of the Turks. Why embrace Turkey in Europe? Nothing is European in Turkey. Nothing:
    mentality, language, religion, cultur. Nothing. The Eastern Anatolia use to be Armenia, The Hatay use to be
    Syria, even Istanbul was Greek. Nothing is European among the Turks.Among many American newspapers, The JOURNAL of Seracuse wrote in 1920 “The horrible Turk is a constant menace to civilization, and should be driven out of Europe”. Sarkozy, Merkell, Cameron, and I hope Obama are aware of this statement.

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