Noted French Writer Defends Genocide Bill in HuffPo Article

Bernard-Henri Levy

Noted French writer and academic Bernard-Henri Lévy explained the rationale behind the recent bill passed in the French Parliament criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide in a January 4 article in Huffington Post. Political sources in France told Agence France Presse on Wednesday that the French upper house–the Senate–will vote on the law this month.

“The law whose purpose is to penalize negationist revisionism, voted before Christmas by the French parliament, does not propose to write history in the place of historians. And this for the simple reason that this history has been told and written, well written, for a long time,” Lévy writes in the Huffington Post.
“This we have always known: that, beginning in 1915, the Armenians were the victims of a methodic attempt at annihilation,” the author writes. “In other words, this law has nothing to do with the will to establish a truth of state. No representative of the French National Assembly who voted for it saw himself as a substitute for historians or their work. Together, they only intended to recall this simple right, that of each of us not to be publicly attacked – and its corollary, the right to demand reparations for this particularly outrageous offense which is the insult to the memory of the dead. It is a question of law, not one of history.”
“Presenting this law as one that denies liberty, one likely to hamper the work of historians is another strange argument that makes one wonder. It is the negationist revisionists who, up until now, have hampered the work of historians. It is their mad ideas, their hare-brained concepts, their twisting of facts, their terrifying and breathtaking lies that shake the earth upon which, in principle, a science should be built. And in punishing them, making their task more complicated, alerting the public that it is dealing not with scholars but with those who would enflame minds, that the law protects and shelters history. Is there one historian who has been prevented from working on the Shoah by the Gayssot law punishing denial of the Holocaust? Is there one author who, in good conscience, can claim that it has limited his freedom to do research and to raise questions? And isn’t it clear that the only ones this law has seriously hindered are the Faurissons, the Irvings, and the other Le Pens? Well, the same applies to the genocide of the Armenians. This law, when the Senate will have ratified it, will be a stroke of fortune for historians, who can finally work in peace. Unless… Yes, unless those who oppose the law express this other, cloudier reservation: that it would be a bit premature to come to a conclusion, precisely and for nearly a century, of “genocide,” the author further writes.

“I would add that it’s time to stop mixing everything up and drowning the Armenian tragedy in the ritualized blahblahblah assailing the ‘memorial laws.’ For this law is not a memorial law. It is not one of those dangerous power plays capable of laying the path for dozens if not hundreds of absurd or blackguardly rules, codifying what one has the right to say about the Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacre, the meaning of colonization, slavery, the Civil War, the misdemeanor of blasphemy and heaven knows what else. It is a law concerning a genocide — which is not the same. It is a law sanctioning those who, in denying it, intensify and perpetuate the genocidal act – which is something else entirely. There are not, thank God, hundreds of genocides, or even dozens. There are three. Four, if we add the Cambodians to the Armenians, the Jews, and the Rwandans. And to place these three or four genocides on the same level as all the rest, to make their penalization the antechamber of a political correctness that authorizes a stream of useless or perverse laws on the disputed aspects of our national memory, to say, “Watch it! You’re opening a Pandora’s box from which everything and anything can pop out !” is another imbecility, exacerbated by another infamy and sealed with a dishonesty that is, really, grotesque.”
“Let us confront this specious line of argument with the wisdom of national representation. And may the senators complete the process by refusing to be intimidated by this little band of historians,” Bernard-Henri Lévy concludes.


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  1. Mabuballah said:

    Nice hair!
    In concert with Obama’s “hate speech” code, why not let’s have the same law enacted here?

    • Alex Postallian said:

      WHY NOT! Then the turks can invest in their education system(70 % illiteratcy rate) instead of buying the cheap politicians over here; maybe they will learn the real history of the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE,that their politicians been lying about for years.Then again it could cause a revolution in turkey,hmn,thats not bad idea.

  2. Anoush said:

    Mabuballah, I only see a handsome man on the picture above, a man with innert wisdom, with ethical and moral views and being, a man who is not afraid to state that a spade is spade, a courageous and a righteous man. I see a MAN in the real sense of the word. A true human being and a great man!!

    Finally the bones of my grandmothers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, great grandmothers, great auncles’, and great aunts’ that has been scattered all over the Armenian Highlands as well as the Mesopotamian deserts all the way down to Der-El-Zor, will very soon find solace as well as their tortured and saintly spirits when the Armenian Genocide will finally be accepted throughout the world and reparations be made to their heirs. Only then their spirits will rest in peace.

  3. Fred said:

    Finaly some one puts in words, the feeling of 14 million Armenians all over the world. Finally some one who is not an Armenian, adds some common sense into the madness of world politics. Finally some one werbaly shows his outrage of the evil triumphing over good for so long. The days of evil are comming to an end. All humans must decide where they stand. The Turks and Azerbaijanies, have to search their sole before it is too late. 2012 is up on us

  4. Haik Azad said:

    Dear compatriots,Bernard- Henry Levy has been saying these words for decades now,he is one of the most respected political thinkers,rather than a politician in Europe,although he is a left-leaning Green party member-he is a French jew who knows what he is talking about as he lost most of his family in the Holocaust.You can see him in `Aghet` saying these things and it is amot most armenians know nothing about him.

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