Obama Names Erdogan As Trusted Friend

Obama in a friendly embrace with Erdogan

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama named Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan among the five leaders that he has established relations based on confidence, in an interview with Time Magazine.

In an interview with Fareed Zakaria, the Editor-at-Large of Time magazine, Obama named Erdogan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, and British Prime Minister David Cameron among leaders that he was able to forge “bonds of trust.”

Responding to a question on whether his style of diplomacy was “very cool and aloof,” and that he does not “pal around” with his counterparts, Obama said that the “friendships and the bonds of trust” that he has been able to forge with a whole range of leaders is “precisely, or is a big part of, what has allowed us to execute effective diplomacy.”

“I think that if you ask them, Angela Merkel or Prime Minister Singh or President Lee or Prime Minister Erdogan or David Cameron would say, we have a lot of trust and confidence in the President,” Time quoted the U.S. President as saying. “That’s part of the reason we’ve been able to forge these close working relationships and gotten a whole bunch of stuff done.”


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  1. zareh said:

    I’d rather vote for the devil than Obama. I daily pray he is a one time president.

  2. zareh said:

    He is telling his “friend” Erdogan laughingly: I got the Armenian vote by deceiving them. I know they will vote for anyone who says will recognize the Genocide. They are so naive. They believe anything a presidential candidate says. Well, you know I am a Muslim and you know my heart is with Islam. i even fooled 99% of the Americans telling them I am Christian borne in the U.S.A. Erdogan answers him: Good job Barak, you will get 72 virgins in heaven.

  3. Norin Radd said:

    You certainly have gotten a whole bunch of “stuff done” Mr. President. You’ve bankrolled a Genocide denier like Erdogan to allow him to continue propagating his country’s lies regarding their crimes against humanity. You’ve also aided your “trusted friend” with US made weapons to bomb Kurdish civilians.

    When the world finally becomes fully civilized and Turkey is also forced to become civilized, Turkey’s human rights record may have you eating your own words as to who your “trusted friends” are and what type of image they projected onto the world stage as an “ally of the United States”.

  4. David said:

    This doesn’t surprise me. It is this same traitorous Obama that promised us Armenians that he would recognise the genocide. What a shame. He’s by far the worst american president EVER. Justice must be served to Armenians. Vote Ron Paul!!!

  5. danoog said:

    Would you expect otherwise? Jimmy Carter is jumping for joy. He is no longer the worst president this country has made the mistake of electing.

  6. Davit P. said:

    Is it April 1st yet…? LOL!

    “Trusted friend”…as in the kind of “friend” (read enemy) you need to keep closer than your REAL friends so that you can monitor and dodge their every sinister ploy to backstab you and leave you out to dry?

  7. Haik Azad said:

    The roman proverb for the occasion is `Asinus fricat asinum` which means one donkey praising another.

  8. Basil said:

    Hussein Obama reminds me of Gorbatchov. Except even that guy wouldn’t be quoted saying “he got stuff done”. This is what politics has become… anyone remembers the Zakaria interview with Erdogan, where latter openly says that the US and Israel are pretty much enemies? Guess that doesn’t hinder Hussein Obama to get close to Erdogan – those morons keep saying Perry was wrong to talk ill of Turkey. Well, we will see, we will see.

  9. AraK said:

    US and Israel will always lick turkish boots. I never understood this policy. Turkey needs much more the west than vice versa.

    • AraK said:

      US and Israel will always lick turkish boots. I never understood this policy. Turkey needs much more the west than vice versa. Also during the Irak war Turkey refused US troops to use its territory but “conveniently” and shamelessly this has been forgotten!!

  10. Grish Begian said:

    Only Allah can break up this lovely timeless relationship, as long as Mr. Erdogan give Obamba good Turkish bath with his strong artful hands and fill his pocket with Turkish delights!!

  11. The Truth said:

    Maybe Obama has become a Neo-Ottomanian too.. Thre could be not a better timing for Obama to attack ‎France in the back!‎
    Given the fact that Erdogan almost in daily basis is denying the Armenian Genocide it is a ‎shame that Obama and his administration does ignore all this!‎

  12. Vaoujan Keossayan said:

    American politicians will sell their mothers to the highest bidder. Stop talking about these politicians as real people.
    Right now they are hugging Turkey as an alley and denying poor Armenians of their rights in the process. When America if done with Erdogan they will hang him just like saddam and the Shah.
    Just be patient and you’ll see.
    I just cant believe that a nation so involved with human rights sells out their souls and make a mockery oof themselves to the world while crushing the existance of the Armenians by denying the genocide.
    Where was America during Ruwandan genocide, how about the kurdish, Greek and Assyrian Genocides. I’m sure 99% of normal Americans have not even heard of those black pages of humanity…

  13. HebardHigh said:

    I am sure the Armenians for Obama are proud for their actions. They elected a president that names “Erdoganas trusted friend.” Unfortunately, I cannot blame only this trash organization, I did not care about them then, and I don’t care about them now. These are the people who buy Turkish products without shame. They do business with Turks, I know this for fact. My biggest heartache is ANCA supported this man to be president. ANCA executive should resign immediately and make room for new generation, a new generation of leaders, which do not wear Che Guevara’s t-shirts. Grow up people; you don’t look cute anymore, ask your mommies if you don’t believe me.

  14. Jerry said:

    How far from reality has Obama gone? Since when has Turkey done anything the US asked it to do? Protocols, anybody? Trust??? How do you trust someone who has done such things?

    • Basil said:

      Its not Turkey he trusts, its the Islamist who got jailed for his radical views by Turkey before he became head of state, that he trusts, oh wait oops.. thats even more stupid. Good going, Barrack Hussein.

  15. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Turks are turks
    They don’t cary black genes
    The are proud to be white
    White in their face
    Black in their Hearts…

    If you were slave there
    You would have been slayed
    As the painter Arman Manookian parents who were slayed
    By their sharp scimitars in the famous city called Istanbul and
    Poor young Arman (1904-1931)
    Arrived there to paint on your walls and commit suicide
    In your birth place… in the beautiful Hawaii…

    Can you ask how he arrived far away in your birth place Dr.Obama…?
    But you are a president so they need you for them
    You should obey till you go away
    They will find another president for them to be another slave
    Till thee is slayed from their list…
    You should read what Voltaire said about the Turks
    And the famous Lord Byron…
    Awake and read…
    You are a Harvard Graduate…
    You can easily recognize Armenian Genocide
    And teach…


  16. Ararat said:

    Obama calling the liar and genocide denier wild boar Erdogan a ‘trusted friend’ speaks volumes about Obama’s true character. He is also a liar, when he failed to do what he promised the Armenians to do. He is acting more like Hussein than Barack. I think he is one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen. His domestic policies have been disastrous. He has transformed the standard of living in this country below that of a third-world country. Instead of creating jobs for people to work and raise their competency and self-reliance, he has created a welfare state.

    His foreign policies are laughable. He has belittled this country worldwide and has become the most beloved US president outside the boundaries of the country that elected him. I believe his time is up. He’s been a failure at home and an appeaser of tyrants abroad. What can one say about the leader of a free world who bows down to an Arab sheik?

    Come January 20, 2013 he will have no choice but to fill out a change of address form.

  17. Grish Begian said:

    If I were Obama or Erodogan wouldn’t travel to France, there is quite possibilities, that French police arrest both AG deniers and thrown them to jail!! Shame on Obama for having a friend like Erdogan!!

  18. Pedro said:

    Time to get rid of Liberals out of Washington and have Republicans. Also, the AKP will be banned and the CHP will win in Turkey, and no Armenian supremacist, Greek Megali faschist or PKK terrorist will be able to mess with the Noble Turkish people.

    • Ararat said:

      First of all, calling Turkish people noble, especially one named Pedro, is like calling a donkey a thoroughbred horse.

      Democrats are weak and incompetent. Republicans are well-organized and all republican presidents have privately admitted to the genocide committed against the Armenians by the barbaric genocidal Turks. The problem with the republicans is that the interests of America and the almighty dollar are much more important than the murder of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 in their ancestral homeland.

      Any Turk or a pseudo-Turk, such as Pedro, who praises the CHP has got to be a racist. The ultra-nationalist CHP has been doing ethnic cleansing in Turkey since 1923. A prime example of this was the Dersim massacre of Alevia in 1937 in Eastern Anatolia which was recently exposed and insincerely apologized for by the AKP bulldog Erdogan. The most recent victim of the CHP cronies was the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink.

    • French Sen. said:

      Real Turks are living around Altai mountain, with very primitive condition, even today!! The land so called Turkey are assembled with forced Islamized nations, such as Armenians, Byzantine Greeks, and Slavic people, your real history of civilization comes from Christian nations of Asia Minor (Greek, Armenians, Assyrians, and other oriental Christian minorities) and citizens of Eastern Roman Empire, this is why a person like you become a “noble turk”, otherwise you were still sword wielding Islamized Mongol turk, beheading people and raping little boys and women, like real jihadist warrior, the way you people completed successfully Christian Genocide of Turkey and marked proudly as First Genocide of 20-th century in world history book!!

  19. mike said:

    It looks like there about to kiss in the picture. I’m so glad I’m a Republican vote for Nute

  20. Satenik said:

    The love in their eyes is undeniable……..they’re both unfit for the purpose and both deserving each other! May their friendship continues for a long long time, this way they will bring each other down faster that anyone else ever could. They are both doomed!

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  23. mzk1 said:

    This is the guy who let a terrorist organization sail to Israel, and after they stabbed in Israeli soldier and threw him i nthe sea (by a miracle he survived), Erdogan demanded an apology!

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