Baku Says France Should Cease Minsk Group Role

Azeri Foriegn Minister Elmar Mammadyarov

BAKU (Trend)—Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov on Friday said that if France continued to support Armenia, its membership in the OSCE Minsk Group “will not make sense.”

Speaking to the Turkish ABHaber newspaper, Mammadyarov said, “France can support Armenia, but the continuation of its participation in the OSCE at the same time would not make sense,” Mammadyarov said.

The minister reiterated official Baku’s claim that 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory remains occupied by Armenia adding that if France adopted the law criminalizing the Armenian Genocide, then it would also have to take a position on the issue of the so-called “occupied territories.

“Armenians committed genocide in Khojaly and occupied Azerbaijani territories. France ought to consider the crimes of Armenia,” Mammadyarov said.

Mammadyarov also said that the adoption of the law criminalizing denial of the Armenian genocide by the Senate of France was unacceptable.


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  1. Basil said:

    Good idea, because otherwise those Armenian-diaspora controlled Russians and Americans and French are about to give “Karabakh” to its population and not Aliyev… oh wait. That never happened. Anyway, replace France with Turkey and add Pakistan too. Now that would be fair. Good idea, Mammadyarov, but throwing around the word genocide like its nothing is poor taste, you shouldn’t copy Erdogan. Or did he copy Aliev first?

  2. facts said:

    Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov is trying to make some headlines for the press/media in Turkey- media in Turks like such headlines

    If Baku starts these kinds of game of words and agitation in order to show its empty and ‎verbally solidarity with Turkey, Armenia should announce that any change of the three well ‎known mediators from OSCE Minsk Group will lead to: ‎
    First of All Armenian should demand that in this case Baku has to negotiate directly with ‎Stepanakert and second Turkey should leave OSCE Minsk Group, since Turkey is part of the ‎problem ‎

  3. Stepan said:

    It is indeed an interesting world when the turk has learned how to say Genocide.
    Now, dear Azeri’s go and find out how the word Genocide & for whom it was coined by Rafael Lemkin.

    Genocide was coined to describe the killing of a race of people, and khojoly does not apply, secondly the facts in Khojoly are so fabricated that even Azeri journolists have been assisnated for for reporting the facts.

    Now as for 20% of their lands???? well we have taken back 20% of our lands, and God willing we will take back Nakhachivan and Western Armenia so as the turk does not obelitrate our heritage, culture and people again and have audacity to play the victim.

    We live in region of 200M turks all mof who have come from central asia in wave after wave of massacres and wars, and if we have fought back against attempts to wexterminate us it is not Genocide you ignorant fools, it is called defending our rights to exist in our ancient lands, which by all historical accounts show us since 1150BC, while tartars, mongols, seljuks & turks arrived about after 900AD, leaving a trail of blood that cannot be falsified or hidden.

  4. Edward Demian said:

    Why is it that the Nagorno Karabagh Republic is not suing Azerbaijian at the international court of Justice at the Hague, for the Genocide perpetrated towards the Armenian population of Shushi in 1920.?

  5. Avery said:

    ““Armenians committed genocide in Khojaly “ says FM Mammadyarov.
    Really ? is that the new, improved AzeriTurk definition of Genocide ?

    Khojali: Armenians gave free passage to Khojali civilians and plenty of advance notice for them to evacuate because of the coming battle; Azeris did not evacuate their civilians for unknown reasons; when the battle began, Azeri troops fleeing Khojali used Azeri civilians as humans shields, while firing at Armenians; Armenian troops returned fire. Azeri civilians were tragically caught in the crossfire. That is the best case for Azeris.

    The worst case: Azeri President Mutabilov publicly stated at the time that his political enemies in Baku set up and organized the Khojali tragedy to remove him from office.
    Azeri reporter Eynulla Fatullayev, was persecuted and jailed on trumped up charges, when he wrote a report in 2005 (I believe), based on his investigation of the site and interviews with Khojali refugees. He blamed Azeri leadership.

    If Mr. Mammadyarov has come up with such an expansive definition of Genocide, let us look at Genocides that Azeris committed against Armenians.

    1988 Sumgait Genocide: Premeditated, State organized massacre of Armenian civilians hiding in their homes and apartments. Hundreds murdered.
    1988 Kirovabad Genocide: Premeditated, State organized massacre of Armenian civilians hiding in their homes and apartments. Hundreds murdered.
    1990 Baku Genocide: Premeditated, State organized massacre of Armenian civilians hiding in their homes and apartments. Hundreds murdered.

    1991 “Operation Koltso” Genocide (combined Azeri OMON & Soviet operation).
    1992 Maragha Village Genocide.
    1992 Stepanakert Genocide: months long war-crime terror bombardment by Grads and artillery.
    City leveled. Estimated 2000 civilians killed. Thousands more wounded.

    And of course the illegal war-crime military-invasion Genocide of Nagorno Karabagh Republic by Azeris which cost thousands of Armenian lives.

    Let us also add the Cultural Genocide by deliberate destruction of 10,000 Armenian Khachkars in Nakhichevan.

  6. Saaten Maagar said:

    What a bunch of horse poop! So it fallows the same logic then to say because the USA is not officially accepting the Armenian Genocide and supporting Azerbaijan, therefore USA should be left out of the minks group. It seems that Mr. Mammadyarov has been inhaling the polluted Baku air a little bit deeper than most people.

  7. satrap said:

    You delusional Armenians. I think that It is time for Turkey to kick in your ass one more time as it is overdue apparently

    • Basil said:

      Sure, I mean kicking someone ass (and face, etc) 10 on 1 (in this case ~50:1) is a Turkish tradition a thousand years old after all, maybe the only actual tradition your people have – and obviously you really are in need of that tradition as the NKR war showed (5:1 and got demolished), but… you are forgetting that everytime your people here the word “Russia” or “Russian” you chicken out and run.

      Try kicking in the main Caucasian border of Russia, but if you try and the Russians destroy you again, who will you blame this time? Meanwhile until Azeristan reaches Turkey population, RA itself isn’t worried that much..

  8. ARA said:

    When I was in azeri- it was a pitiful site of how some of their people live over there-swine dens-some had outhouses outside their homes-literally- Well- Aeri- u got oil but nothing else-no culture, a distorted language and a sinister lip- no strength- u smell

  9. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    Has the Azeri Foreign Minister forgoten that it was Stalin that took away Armenian territories and gave Nakhichevan & Karabagh illegally to Azerbaijan and took the Javakh region to Georgia along with Kars & Ardahan to Turkey. These Historic Territories have been part of Historic Armenia for over 3000 years. The Seljuk Turks, the Mongol Turks, & the Ottomon Turks whom invaded Asia Minor, Europe, the Middle East, & Northern Africa not only devastated the area by Massacre and focible Moslemizing the people as well driving millions out of their Historic Homeland of thousands of years. The world powers must wake up to what the Turk has done to civilization and condemn those cruel actions they committed. They should never be considered part of the family of nations.