Bryza in His Own Words Proves He was Wrong for the Job

Matthew Bryza

Former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Matthew Bryza, who left Baku last month after the Senate did not confirm his nomination, has left the Foreign Service and has moved to Turkey. No surprise there.

In an interview with Hurriyet Daily News, Bryza effectively confirms all the arguments that were made against him to become the US Ambassador to Baku. In the interview he denies the Armenian Genocide, says the Armenia-Turkey protocols process should have been tied to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, throws the Obama Administration under the bus and begrudgingly refers to “the organization that blocked me.”

“Matt Bryza’s angry interview confirms what we have said from the start, which is that he is the wrong person to represent either U.S. interests of American values in Azerbaijan,” said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. “His strident attacks on American civil society voices who have criticized his public record sadly reveal that he’s as intolerant in dealing with the diversity of American democracy here at home, as he is uncomfortable in challenging the lack of democracy back in Azerbaijan.”

Here’s how Hurrieyt describes the Bryza situation: “As a result of the campaign of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), two democratic senators put a hold on his nomination, preventing a Senate vote. Obama sent Bryza to Baku as a recess appointment but did not push for him when he re-nominated him as the two senators continued their blockage.”

“I will continue what I’ve been doing so far in private life that involves partly academia as well as advising people, government and private sector on major investment projects,” Bryza tells Hurriyet. “You can’t imagine how happy I am to be in Istanbul. It is the perfect time to enjoy family life.”

Read the entire interview.

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  1. Christo said:

    ICE should strip him of his american citizenship and he should be extradited to Guantanamo and be charged as a traitor.

  2. danoog said:

    Can there be any doubt remaining among you? A vote for Obama is a vote for genocide denial. A vote for Obama is a vote for the enemies of Armenia.
    Wake up Armenian-Americans. I will be voting for whoever has the best chance of beating Obama in November and strongly encourage you to do likewise.

    • Sargis said:

      Whoever runs against Obama will be a bigger Turk lover. Just give up and face the fact US and Turkey will always be in bed together. There’s just too much to lose not to be like that.

    • Alexander The Great Armo said:

      So you think by voting against Obama, they will recognize Armenian Genocide, then you are blind my friend. It’s beyond a president or political party. It’s controlled by American/Zionist interest, that will never be recognized until Israel does then USA will follow. Jews don’t want any other genocide to be recognized, they are the “chosen people” that god allowed Holocaust to happen. Isrealis/Jews are more anti Armenian Genocide than Turks, so work on Israel first.

  3. Armen said:

    Lets make sure Obama is sent packing before the 100th anniversary of the Genocide, I dont care who is in the white house in 2015 as long as its not Obama, I am sick of seeing Obama/Hilary and Turks in pictures high fiving each other and embracing each other like there was no Tomorrow,they are way too close to Turkey even closer than Bush was.

  4. Grish Begian said:

    Of course he should be happy, his children will born in his beloved Turkey to become faithful Turks, and newly converted Allah lovers, plus millions of dollars as gift from corrupted oil man King Aliev!!

  5. Facevalue said:

    Bryza’s move to Turkey confirms that his primary loyalty is not to the United States but to Turkey. He and his Turkish wife are both US citizens yet he chooses to leave the US and settle in Turkey. He has effectively certified that the actions against his conformation were justified.

  6. Basil said:

    2011 “You Armenians are just saying that he will be a bad ambassador because you put your interests above the interests of the US. Bryza is a loyal and respectable diplomat.”

    2012 “Oops.”

    Washington Post anyone?

  7. mike said:

    May be Bryza will get a new job now at the State Department to set up reconciliation meetings
    between Israel and Turkey.

  8. Sam said:

    Agree with Danoog and Arman, All Armenians should unite and be one vote..against Obama / Clinton..but we should not expect any other president should recognize the genocide based on promise and lie..once we can proof that we are just more then a small community and 2 lobby groups then the Armenian community will be taken seriouse

  9. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Mr. Bryza is wiser than Mr. Sarksyan and Mr. Nalbandyan together. Armenians all over the world, “Do not say hop before You jump.” Bryza will be able to throw the Holy Nagorno Karabakh and the corrupt Armenian government under the bus unless ANC develops a new Armenian Government! Beware, please, Armenians.

  10. Edward Demian said:

    This should serve well to show what a concerted organized effort can accomplish. If only we can come up with a list of anti Armenian / pro Turco Azery legislators. We could then start from top to bottom, one at a time, unseat them. Not just at election time, but during their incumbency. Pretty soon, the legislators will learn not to f…….. with us.

  11. Edward Demian said:

    This guy is toast. Gone, irrelevant. His picture reminds me of the cartoon character “Goofy”. This guy is a mental midget.

  12. facts said:

    ‎ I was shocked while reading his interview (including between the lines).. Now we can claim ‎for sure that a 100% pro ‎Turkish and in crone an anti Armenian US politicians ( better to say ‎Turkified ) was dealing with ‎Armenia and NKR issue and more ….‎

  13. Alex Postallian said:

    What does that tell you,the whole diplomatic corp reeks with corruption.Since hussien obummer has been in(origin unknown) the damage will take years to to amend.We were mislead on voting him in,lets vote to to get rid of him. I repeat my favorite statement of bryza ” he was a humpty dumpty, a bum in a $100 suit,still looks like a bum,now he is in turkey,he will also smell like his brothers,a bum.

  14. Arman said:

    Enjoy family life he says……. obviously because he has a Turkish wife, he belongs with Turks and is their LAPDOG.

  15. Stepan said:

    Scrach a Bryza and what do you get??
    A turk off course.

    as the old catchy tune of Mr Edd

    Hello, I’m Matthew Byrza

    A turk is a turk , of course of course, and no one can talk to a turk of course, that is of course, unless the turk, Is the famous Matthew Byrz

  16. Sabina said:

    Dear danoog and Armen, Do you really believe one of those candidates running against Obama will do any better? As disappointed as I was with Obama backing off from confirming the AG, it is impossible for me in good conscience to base my voting on that one issue alone. The idea that any of those clowns can end up in the White House is terrifying! I want all the best in the world for Armenia and Armenians, but as long as we live in this country our moral responsibility is to vote for a candidate who is the best fit for the job of POTUS. Besides, I have great doubts that any republican will ever acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.

  17. Do Not Vote for Obama said:

    Presidents break pledges often, but Obama’s pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide was as clear cut as it gets. It was also a solemn pledge about protecting the sacred memory of the cherished loved ones of over 1,500,000 Americans of Armenian descent. The Republican candidate may very well not recognize the genocide, but he surely will not be worse than Obama, who did not recognize the genocide, nominated Bryza to be Ambassador to Azerbaijan, cut aid to Armenia, and forced Armenia to sign the protocols with Turkey and then allowed Turkey to make a mockery of them).

    Voting for Obama lets other politicians know that there are no consequences to breaking a pledge to the Armenian American community. It will encourage others to break their pledges to us too. We need to send the message that if you break your pledge to us, you will be a one term politician.