Iran Urges Baku to Stop Mossad’s Anti-Iran Espionage Operations

The Mossad

TEHRAN, BAKU (Combined Sources)—Iran on Sunday called on Azerbaijan to halt anti-Iran espionage operations by Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, on Azeri soil.

Iran’s foreign ministry summoned Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Iran, Javanshir Akhundov and demanded that Baku end facilitating Mossad’s alleged spy activities in Azerbaijan.

“Some of the terrorists linked to the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists have travelled to Azerbaijan… [where they are] facilitated to travel to Tel Aviv,” the Iran’s foreign ministry said to explain its complaint against Baku.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also protested what it called “inappropriate behavior” by Azeri officials toward representatives of Iranian institutions working in Azerbaijan, the “systematic anti-Iran propaganda in the Azeri media” and called for an end to “such unfriendly behavior towards Iran.”

On Monday, Azerbaijan rejected as “slander” Iranian claims that Baku has been collaborating with Israel’s spy services and helping assassins who have killed Iranian nuclear scientists.

The Azerbaijani foreign ministry condemned a protest note given to its ambassador in Tehran which complained about the alleged collaboration. The note demanded that Baku prevent Mossad from carrying out anti-Iranian “activities” on its soil.

“This Iranian note is slander,” foreign ministry spokesman Elman Abdullayev told AFP.

He described the Iranian complaint as a reaction to a formal protest last month from Baku to Tehran after two men with alleged links to Iranian intelligence were arrested on suspicion of plotting to kill prominent Israelis in neighboring Azerbaijan.


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  5. John Markarian said:

    Mossad has actively been helping Azeri extremists in Iran to commit terrorist acts in Iran itself. Israel supports Azeri seperatist/terrorists in Iran who want to secede from Iran and join the Republic of Azerbaijan. I am glad that Iran has realized that all Turks are scum, no matter where they live. I bet Azeri terrorists were even involved in many of the bombings of the nuclear scientists. Mossad is also supporting the Iranian Balucis who also have a seperatist movement and want to join Pakistan. Divide and conquer is the game of Mossad. Read “By Way of Deception” by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky and you will learn the scummy dirt about Mossad which has been involved in drug dealing ,terrorism and all types of criminal activities such as gun running.

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  8. Alex Postallian said:

    Three dogs in the middle east,causing all the trouble,and the U.S. supports them—azerbaijan(no ian)-turkey-israel.Always barking,w/turkey also gooble,gooble.

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  10. Hagop D said:

    This is a good excuse for Armenia and Iran to eliminate the Aliyev clan and divide Turkic Azerbaijan into its respective ethnic groups. And the Russians can also reclaim their radar which they are unfairly paying rent for.

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  12. Satenik said:

    Aliyev need “friends” to keep his corrupt and brutal regime going and it seems that Israel is more than willing to oblige. Both are involved in dirty dealings and throwing the mud on others but I think that Aliyev’s days are numbered ,how long can he supress his people without going unpunished? It’s only oil that keeps him and his cronies going as the West keeps a blind eye on all the brutalities that go on in his country and yes Aliyev has been provoking the Azeris living in Iran to get up to all sorts. Although many Azeris living in Iran know that they are better off living in Iran than Azerbaijan but it does not stop the agents of Aliyev from attempting to divide the country.

  13. ashot said:

    this is getting interesting…..i will definatly be there if it really pops off..should be good times….

  14. Azeri-American said:

    To those who say that it’s time for Iran to act against Azerbaijan: That would be the beginning of the end for Iran. Over 30 million Turkic (Azeris) live in Iran, most of whom would not permit their government to do so. They are already waiting for a spark to riot and Iran’s Government is smart enough not to fire up when it can smell the smell of gas everywhere around.

    • ashot said:

      one division of the iranian army can take over ur whole country azergayjan is a oil pump and a joke of a country. once that black stuff runs out so does ur fake made up country.;)

      • AJ said:

        Ahahhaha! Yes, those Azeris do live in Iran, under close watch of Iran. Don’t fool yourself.

  15. John Markarian said:

    The Israelis want to spark a civil war between the Fars Iranians (The true Iranians) and the Azeri Mongol Iranians (the fake Iranians).. They are arming the Azeris for multiple purposes and loyal Iranians know that there is are extremist Azeri groups in Iran who want Iranian Azerbaijan to break away from Iran and join the Republic of Azerbaijan.

  16. peter megerdumian said:

    According to new research. Iranian Azeris are genetically different from Baku Azeris. The Baku Azeris are Turkified meaning that they have significant Turkish blood in them. The Iranian Azeris are more mixed although they have their own fanatic subgroups in their society. The educated Iranian Azeris realized that the bastards in Baku are their enemies..