Oskanian Joins Prosperous Armenia Party

Vartan Oskanian

YEREVAN—Armenia’s former foreign minister Vartan Oskanian announced on Tuesday that he has applied to join the ranks of the Prosperous Armenia Party, a member of the ruling coalition.

“Yesterday I submitted my application for membership to the Prosperous Armenia Party. I make this decision convinced that the Prosperous Armenia Party, together with other political parties, is able to, through political competition, secure free and fair elections, and thus, a new National Assembly with a new configuration of political forces,” said Oskanian in a statement.

“As Chairman of the Board of the Civilitas Foundation, I had, on various occasions, expressed my views on events and developments in Armenia. Today, I believe it is time to become more actively involved in our political processes,” added Oskanian.

“Given the possibility of my membership in the Prosperous Armenia Party, in the coming days, the Civilitas Foundation Board will make a decision about my future status,” explained the former foreign minister.

Chairwoman of the Prosperous Armenia parliamentary bloc Naira Zohrabyan told Yerki.am on Tuesday said the Oskanian’s application will be evaluated based on the party’s rules, adding that the process will begin once party chairman Gagig Dzarugian returns from an overseas trip.

“Gagig Dzarukian has always said that Prosperous Armenia Party’s doors are open to any individual who is ready and willing to work toward a prosperous Armenia,” added Zohrabyan, who said that Oskanian’s experience and knowledge would be beneficial to the party.

She said Oskanian’s participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections has not yet been discussed by party officials.


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  1. Shahen said:

    WOW. That man’s credibility just went to zero. I actually believed in the positive work Civilitas was doing…now Oskanian has decided to become a tool of (or worse a leader of) a party such as Barkavaj. On the surface Barkavaj might be seen as some as an alternative to Serjik and his regime, but Barkavaj is an extremely dangerous group that supports nothing but the interests and viability of Armenia’s oligarch class. He would have honestly been a better servant by staying out of politics and helping to develop Armenia’s public policies from the private sector. This should make Serjik nervous…ver nervous..but it should make us all even more nervous.

  2. Ruby Minas said:

    Does it mean that the two thugs, DZarukian and butcher Kocharian are playing the lovi dovi game to oust Sargsyan?
    If Armenians were able to assasinate Kemal and his kind why does not anyone teach a lesson especially to Kocharian so he will not dream of a come back. Oskanian is just a tool.
    If there is a God, he/she will wipe Armenia from these thugs.

  3. Viguen Krikoryan said:

    Was not this confused man, Vartan Oskanian, in favor of giving up land in Megri to Azerbaijan? This man is a traitor and has no place in Armenian political life.Let him get the hell out of Armenia and join his masters, who pay his salary. Armenians know very well who this man is. He can fool us once but the second time we will stop him. Siktir and get the hell out of Armenia.

  4. J. T. said:

    Why not the the ruling party?
    1. Oskanian has ambitions and if he joins the ruling party he can’t express his opinions, he can’t be “free” because the party have its own official vision. He can’t even change the party because the dirigents are already on the top of the pyramid and they only want to conserve their places.
    2. He will lose his credibility. The ruling party have a bad reputation, and the ellections are soon.

    Why not Heritage party?
    1. Oskanian is known, rightly or wrongly, for this pro-occidental positions, “Heritage” is also a pro-occidental party. So a pro-occidental leader of a pro-occidental party can’t have any succes in Armenia. I think, in Armenia it is important to thave the Russian support, otherwise he can’t have any success.
    2. If he join Heritage it will not change power of the opposion. Raffi Hovanessian already do a good job.

    Why not ARF?
    1. Like Heritage they are pro-occidental…
    2. I thnik It will be difficult to defend Armenia’s interests in the international institutions with ARF’s “nationalist” image. Nationalist parties are not taken seriously in europe.

    Why not founging it’s own party?
    1. For the same reason that buying a brand is easier rather than to made a new one.
    A new brand needs time to be known for the population, its hard to make it popular.

    Why Prosperous Armenia ?
    1. “Prosperous Armenia” party has not any political positions, and Tsarukian is not involved in the political life because he has opinions that he wants to share with people but because it is a tradition for Armenian businessmen. So Oskanian can easely thak the control of the party and impose this own vision. He can be “free”. Unline other parties, his opinions can’t be in contradiction with those of the party because it has none. And the party has not “dirty hands” for the moment.
    2. Prosperous Armenia has pro-russian positions, Oskanian is pro-US, so he can have the russian support and at the same time maintain good relations with US.

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