Another Soldier Killed by Azeris

Another Armenian soldier was killed by Azeris

YEREVAN—Another Armenian soldier was killed by Azeri snipers Thursday, this time near the Chinari Village in the Tavoush region of Armenia, reported Armenia’s Ministry of Defense.

The soldier, Albert Adibekyan, 20, died of a bullet wound to his head.

Armenia’s Defense Ministry spokesperson, David Karapetyan, said that this latest violence by the Azeri Armed Forces “will receive the adequate response.”

Karapetyan said that “the command of the Azerbaijani armed forces will be forced to bear responsibility for its actions.”

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces have been staging war games and military exercises on the Nagorno-Karabakh-Azerbaijan border since earlier this week.


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  1. Garo Kazezian said:

    The Azeri aggressors are still killing Armenians anywhere they find them. Turkey is continuing to deny the genocide and blocking it any where. The French bill is put on hold. The US and Israeli governments still block any attempt to recognize the genocide. The genocide era insurance claims are down the drains. Israel plays the Armenian card everytime matters become tense with Turkey. Presidential candidates make false promises to earn Armenian votes. Armenia dosn’t have oil or anything worthy of stealing. Looks like Russia cares about Armenia even more than some armenians. History says that Russia always reached to help Armenia and honestly if Armenia does not have the Russian protection who will stop Turkey or Azerbaijan from wiping Armenia from the map?

    • Harutuyn said:

      Karo u said it right it is what it is with out the Russians Armenia will be wiped out with htese turks and azeris r waiting for that day.

  2. Hagop D said:

    1. Armenia gives an ultimatum to Azerbaijan. The next Artsakh soldier is murdered, Armenia will recognize and annex Artsakh.

    2. Armenia should start sniping “any moving objects” in Nakhichevan at a ratio of 20 to 1 every time an Artsakh soldier is murdered by Azeri criminal terrorists.

    Which option is better?

  3. Arman said:

    What’s it gonna take for these people to keep their heads down and just observe the above-surface terrain with periscopes? ….apparently it will take more than dozens of dead conscripts every year! The generals don’t care, it’s not their sons who are dying…..

  4. zohrab said:

    whereever this happens immediatly surround the area cature the sniper then we deal with him let others see what happens never let them get away with it

  5. Arto Djerian said:

    Hayer,, You must respond the same way,,At Least 10 Azeri Soldiers And 2 High Ranking Officers,,
    Hatchoghoutyounn DGHAK,, Lav Nchan Arrek,,

  6. Raffikian said:

    Next round around, Karabagh and Armenian armies should have ready a plan to capture Azeri Oil fields, so they have something to negotiate as well to help finance Karabagh and Armenian armies

  7. hi said:

    From were armenian soldier shot to dead to the pipe lines (oil and gas)is only 15 miles.last year we should have captured it But still is not too late.

  8. Varooj B. said:

    Vrejitz gaytzag togh borboki
    Hay atriutznerou srdoum
    Mer meg haveh goghatzoghin
    Amboghch gughe talanenk

  9. chris said:


  10. Alex Postallian said:

    Do not complain,because nobody cares.You apply the multiplication formula.Every Armenian soldier killed,you kill ten of the enemy,say nothing,eventually,as dumb as they are,they will get the message.

  11. Tsayt said:

    The unfortunate reality is that the Armenian side is showing complete impotence against the free-willing Azeri snipers. If we cannot defend our own soldiers how can we defend our fatherland. We look like wet noodles…and we only talk.

    • Herer said:

      Sorry but you no nothing of what is happening on the skirmish line. Azeris do not report their losses out of shame. And I am not bragging, we only respond when one of ours is hurt or God forbid killed. We do not hit unprovoked like them.

      And how can you say “we only talk” when it is the Azeri side that constantly barks while we keep our composure and only release statements in response to such cowardly acts as this one?

  12. John Markarian said:

    The most important Azeri target in the NKR is the Mardakert region because it has oil deposits. NKR forces need to put in thick anti-tank mine fields at the line of contact in the Mardakert region. It is important to note that the 2 major skirmishes in 2008 and 2009 occured in the Mardakert region because the Azeris want to test Armenian defenses and their primary goal is to take Mardakert for it’s oil. Member of the Armenian National Assembly Larisa Alaverdyan stated that the Maragha massacre (which is a town in Mardakert region ) occured because the Azeris wanted to kill off the Armenians to get their hands on the oil . Oil towers were located few kiliometers from the village of Maragha ({

  13. John Markarian said:

    Armenian forces need to use armoured vehicles around the border area instead of having infantry walk around on foot. Armoured vehicles if they have the right type of armour can resist hits from sniper rifles. Armenian iforces need to develop a system of bunkers (a very simplified version of the French Magniot Line) to protect against snipers. Furthermore , the Armenian forces need to use periscope type binoculars when they are in the trenches to prevent the need of exposing their heads to look around. Armenian forces need to also respond to sniper attacks with mortar shells that are portable and can be stored in the trenches.

  14. Harutik said:

    @John Markarian

    Please stop it, you are sounding silly; Armenian troops have everything you mentioned and much-much more. Azeri sharpshooter have been trained by Americans, Turks and Israelis; Baku may even be employing “contractors” from these nations. A professional sharpshooter will eventually find targets regardless of how good one’s defenses are. A good sharpshooter/sniper with the proper firearm can take out a target up to a mile away.

    The key here is retaliation, and Armenians have done very well in retaliating to Azeri aggression. Let’s see what Armenian officers are planning. I’m pretty sure we’ll read about a few Azeris dying in some “accidents” pretty soon.

  15. John Markarian said:

    An armoured vehicle will stop a 14,5 mm snipers bullet no matter how good of a shot he is.It is a matter of basic physics. Most Russian vehicles are designed to withstand a 14.5 mm bullet which is the highest calibre ammunition used by the Azeris. Pictures that I have seen of Armenian soldiers show some are using periscope binoculars but I suspect that it is not widely used. When you don’t expose your head to look around, you can’t be killed. They might shoot at the binocular but who cares and that gives an opportunity to fire mortars and 40 mm grenades at the sniper position. I have only seen pictures of open trenches and those are inadequate.

  16. John Markarian said:

    A well designed bunker system can make a big difference to slow any enemy advances.

  17. Avetis said:

    John, please stop. They have well designed bunkers, they have proper armored vehicles and they have periscopes… what 18/19 years old Armenian boys don’t have is discipline.

  18. Arto said:

    John, instead of putting everything about Armenia and NKR down, trying supporting them!!

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