What Azeris Don’t Want to Admit About Khojaly

YEREVAN, NEW YORK—A new documentary about the events between November 1991 and February 1992 in Karabakh was screened Friday. The film recounts the shattering of the blockade of Stepanakert (capital city of Nagorno Karabakh Republic), as well as criminal activities of the political elite of Baku which led to the tragic deaths of civilians in Khojaly, Panorama.am.

A two-part documentary, entitled “Between hunger and fire: Power at the expense of lives,” presents compelling evidence about criminal activities of Baku’s political elite, which victimized women, the elderly and children.

The research group, which initiated the film-investigation, reports that the documentary for now will be screened in Russian and English, while it will be translated into seven more languages.

Using a vast trove of materials, the film will be of interest not only for wider audience, but also for research and the academic community. The archive, assembled during the investigation of tragic death of civilians in Armenian-populated Stepanakert and Azerbaijani-controlled Aghdam region, entails grounds for a wider-scale film. The latter will counter and shed light on a range of misinformation by Azerbaijan, which was tasked to deport the civilian population of Nagorno Karabakh Republic from their ancestral homeland.

Meanwhile in the United States, a group calling itself the Azerbaijan America Alliance has launched a massive propaganda campaign of misinformation on the Azeri version of the Khojaly issue. Full-page advertisements headlined “Khojaly: A Human Tragedy Against Azerbaijan” appeared in the national editions of the New York Times on Friday and the Washington Post on Saturday. Advertisements have also been placed in Washington Metro stations, buses, bus shelters and other transportation venues in Washington and New York.


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  1. mentor said:

    The authorities in Artsakh should don’t allow any more the visit of any German and any ‎German journalist or even so called experts to Arstakh and should refuse to talk to them. The ‎above article (skillfully and rude in the same time, is destroying the very simple facts – like: Armenian side did start the war ‎‎, Armenians were the first who forced Azerbaijani to leave Armenia , mass killing , kochali was almost in the hands of Armenias shortly after the mass killing and so on ) is a good ‎example that Azerbijani officials are buying politicians and journalist in Germany (for this ‎there are many ways!)!‎

    ‎ This is not the first time that officials in Stepanakert are falling in the trap of German ‎politicians/Experts and so called dirty and corrupt journalists!‎


    by Knut Teske

  2. mentor said:

    Representative of Arstakh in Eu/Germany should visit the German news paper “die Welt” ‎and simple deliver „die Welt” a massage of shame and remind them of there dirty journalism.. ‎‎- ‎
    The officials in Stepanakert should condom this news paper for destroying the simple facts ‎and for making propaganda on behalf of officials in Baku. Beside this German ambassador in ‎Yerevan should be asked for clarification ‎

    Remember „die Welt” is a news paper where no ´journalist is allowed to criticizes Israel in ‎any way – no way, he will be fired! !‎

  3. art hagopian said:

    I believe a major should be developed on the liberation of SHUSHI. it is a period of epic human drama , bombardment of Stepanakert and the heroic action of ARMENIAN VOLUNTEERS AND FEDAYEES that liberated the town and secured the peace for the capital. A major hollywood director (Stone?) would do justice.

  4. art hagopian said:

    I believe a major film should be developed on the liberation of SHUSHI. it is a period of epic human drama , bombardment of Stepanakert and the heroic action of ARMENIAN VOLUNTEERS AND FEDAYEES that liberated the town and secured the peace for the capital. A major hollywood director (Stone?) would do justice.

  5. John Markarian said:

    Armenia and the NKR need to start extracting the oil in the deposits in the Mardakert region.The oil is located primarily in the town of Maragha where the Maragha massacre took place in 1992. ( http://aisor.am/en/news/2010/10/21/maragha/?sw.html.){http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/politics/news/66841/.html) The Azeris killed the Arnenians in the Maragha village because they wanted the oil deposits in Maragha.Armenia and the NKR need that oil for domestic production which would save Armenia billions of dollars especially with the expected rise in oil prices. Armenia has no need to sell this oil because we don’t want to anger the Russians.

  6. John Markarian said:

    The Turks used fake anti-Armenian propaganda to start the Armenian genocide such as claiming that the Armenians had massacred Turks which was completely untrue. Azeris in Armenia claimed that they were persecuted by Armenians which was also untrue and it was used to trigger anti-Armenian sentiments. The Nazis did the same thing against the Jews .

  7. Grish Begian said:

    AzerPYchani oil man’s father who was responsible for killing, rape of Armenians in Baku, Kirovabad, Samgait, Maragha, was also responsible for Khojali 600 dead civilians. The political leadership of AzerPYchan had internal war, due to loss of NKR, therefor Heidar Alioff created some kinds of false tragedies of his own, in order to falsify worlds people mind and level themselves with Armenian Genocide…the KGB son, horsey Alioff hopping this way Artsakh will hand over peacefully back to Turkic tribes leader….he is so stupid, that Artsakh war, was completely documented and published in world’s news papers with all kinds of information on internet and videos, that how Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, Taliban, Chechen turks, Turkish and Pakistani Jihadist fighters, Soviet mercenaries, with their heavy military equipments raining grad rockets mercilessly from Churches over peaceful Armenian population of NKR!! Now after 20 years, Mr. Alioff find out his military is not capable to bring Artsakh back, so with help of oil money and Turkey’s influence, trying to neutralize world’s opinion about the truth of AG, in order to unite his demoralized, disorganized population, so his corrupted dictatorial regime will stay longer, I bet he is worried about his life, he knows what happened to Gaddafi, Saddam, and Mubarak, he does not want to get killed in a water sewer!!

  8. Sargis said:

    Khojaly was orchestrated and fabricated by Azeri Government. If we really wanted to do a “genocide” against Azeris, we would have purified Karabakh of any Azeri and there would be no refugee problem in Azerbaijan.

  9. 4 NKR said:

    Arstakh Republic could try to make the best use of Turk Azerbaijani created genocide..‎
    I know that NKR is not recognized – but still NKR is subject of international law and beside ‎this Baku has signed a cease fire regime with Stepanakert that is way NKR should file a ‎lawsuit in the International Court against the Azerbaijani government (and even against ‎Turkey) over obvious falsification and misleading the international community on the Khojaly ‎events. NKR should file a such lawsuit even against all countries which become hostage to ‎Azerbaijani anti Armenian propaganda ‎

    • Laurence Kueffer said:

      It’s 2018 now, and I still haven’t seen any legal actions to hold Azerbaijan and Turkey accountable for this kind of slander against Armenia and its stronghold. In February, 2014, days after Khojaly was liberated, Time, Newsweek, and other such magazines posted slanderous propaganda about the civilian tragedy. This is overtly an information war, but too many People with Armenian Heritage don’t comprehend the danger posed by Turkey and Azerbaijan’s richly funded propaganda.