Sarkozy Asks Government to Re-Draft Genocide Denial Law

Sarkozy, at a dinner last, pledging to re-draft law

PARIS—French President Nicolas Sarkozy asked the government to prepare a new law on criminalizing genocide denial. The call came less than an hour after the French Constitutional Council issued a statement considering the bill penalizing the denial of genocides unconstitutional arguing that it curbs freedom of speech.

The bill would have rendered punishable the denial of genocides France has officially recognized, like the Armenian Genocide. France already has a law in place penalizing Holocaust denial.

Turkey welcomed the ruling of the Constitutional Council. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the cabinet would meet to consider restarting contacts with France, which were frozen after the French parliament passed the bill on Jan. 23, reported Reuters.

On February 1, Sarkozy vowed to redraft a law that criminalizes the denial of the Armenian Genocide, if the country’s highest judicial body finds an earlier version unconstitutional. While making the statement, Sarkozy reportedly criticized those in cabinet who had opposed the bill, saying they “did not see past the ends of their noses.”

He also said a rejection of the bill by the Constitutional Council could open the door to questioning a law that penalizes denial of the Holocaust.


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  1. Satenik said:

    Come on Sarkozy, You tell them Why is the same Constitution not so opposed to the Holocaust? What the hell is going on? The Jews themselves have to speak up about this. There are thousands of Jews who live in France, why are they keeping silent about this? Where has their moral fibre gone to? Why aren’t the French intellectuals and historians doing the honorable thing and reminding the French polititions of their pathetic failures? And who takes them seriously when the very same people want to interefere in every country that they smell oil from in the pretext of “human rights”. What about the human rights of the Armenian? Stop this hypocracy! Shame on you All! Whoever opposes this bill is not human!

    • arman said:

      You ask where the Jews’ moral fiber has gone to? …… Their moral fiber sways according to their political interests, rather than their political interests swaying according to the moral fiber, as you put it. After all, was it not the same Jews who purposely and deliberately CHOSE to deny the Armenian Genocide so they can be friendly with Turkey??? I’d like to remind that Israel Charny admitted this himself, when he said that it was wrong to go ahead and choose to sweep the Armenian Genocide ‘under the rug’ for relations with Turkey. It’s obvious they all knew they’re doing something morally wrong, but it’s POLITICALLY right. In other words, HYPOCRITES!

  2. Kevork said:

    I think it’s time the Armenians of France get rid of their “French Obama” and move on.

    And as for that couple in Armenia who named their child “Sarkozy” they should change it to Pinocchio.

  3. oguz Tolga said:

    he must be a real Clown to use Armenian feelings for his short term desires..
    Armenians,only we can both solve this issues not any parliement,you have to know it.Only Turks and armenians..

  4. hi said:


  5. alice atamian said:

    Անգամ մը եւս փաստուեցաւ որ մենք պէտք է ապաւինինք միայն մեր ուժերուն եւ չիյնանք օտարներու քաղաքականութեան խաղի մէջ-դժփախտաբար-:

  6. John Markarian said:

    This is just what the Jews wanted .It is up to the French Armenians to use their political and financial clout to put pressure on the French government. They can also launch an appeal with European Union courts.

  7. John Markarian said:

    Armenians need to put pressure on Sarkozy and start pressuring the opposition candidates. I am glad that the rapist Dominque Strauss Kahn is out of the race.

  8. Bob Mason (Vormnaterian) said:

    Armenians everywhere should support freedom of speech. Wasn’t it the Frenchman Voltaire who is reputed to have said something to the effect of, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    When we support laws that criminalize speech, even horribly and hurtfully incorrect speech, it is much harder to have credibility when criticizing limitations on free speech in a country like Turkey.

  9. arziv said:

    Sarkozzy is a shrewd and manipulative politician. Sarkizy was very cognizant of the action/ reaction to be followed after the senate approval of the bill. He vacillated in not signing the bill into law the same or followng day. Instead Sarkozy allowed time to lapse, can Sarkozzy offer an explanation for his inaction ? thus allowing the deputies to take it to the the Constututional court .Now he orders a new law to be drafted penalizing the genocide ? This is a Sarkozy’s charade to console the inconsolables. There is no certainty wehther he’ll be elected . How cynical can politicians become, they take the genocide bill to the constittutional court, but keep silent about the Gassot law. We have grown accustomed to a chain of serial dissapointments regarding the recognition of genocide. This is another one, it will not be the last , It is a disgraceful and ignominious perfidy perpetrated once again toward us..

  10. Jerry said:

    Why can these people not ask themselves — what sort of people deliberately deny a genocide? What does their rhetoric incite? They curb the freedom of the victims to speak for themselves.

  11. Hagop Kassanian said:

    Come on you Armenians, can’t you hear yourselves? Stop this nonsense about Sarkozy or Obama or whoever next throws us a bone. The more you guys first celebrate and then complain about this leader doing this, or the Jews doing that, the more you prove how weak and laughable we are.

    Didn’t we learn anything from history? These are the same French who sold us to the Turks in the early 20th century. At that time we were all excited too until they (the French) handed us to the Turkish swords. I guess for some of us, the wounds of those swords have healed very quickly. Yet some of us are still bleeding.

    We look outward for the solution. It doesn’t exist there. The answer is inward my good people. We have to fix the problems that exists among us, between Tashnag and Henchag, between Hayasdantsi and Beirutsi, between Cecilia prelacy and Etchmiadzin prelacy. We are our worst enemy.

    So before we prematurely embrace a leader or attack another, let’s look inward and solve that issue and then see what we can accomplish.

  12. Hrant K. said:

    Dear Hagop, if you believe in democratic values, there will certainly be different opinions! BTW you forgot the
    Ramgavars and Barsgahays! That said, internal disputes or different opinions shouldn’t stop a JUST
    CAUSE from taking it’s course, especially ones regarding the HAY TADD or Recognition of the Arm.
    Genocide! We do believe in one supreme MEDS YERAZ, the methods in achieving that can be various!!

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