Inciting Hatred: Turkish Protesters Call Armenians ‘Bastards’

'You are all bastards," reads a placard at anti-Armenian demonstration

‘Mount Ararat will Become Your Grave’ Chant Turkish Students

ISTANBUL—International news agencies reported that 20,000 to 50,000 people participated in the anti-Armenian protests over the weekend, with professionally printed signs that read, “You are all Armenians, You are all bastards,” and “Today Taksim, Tomorrow Yerevan: We will descend upon you suddenly in the night.” Among the speakers at the demonstration in Turkey’s famous Taksim Square was Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin, among other leaders of Erdogan’s AK Party.

According to statements issued by the protest organizers, similar demonstrations have been planned in more than 50 cities in Turkey.

The Armenian National Committee of America, sharply criticizing the government-sanctioned anti-Armenian demonstrations held throughout Turkey on Feb. 26, called on U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Francis Ricciardone to forcefully condemn this latest attempt by Ankara to foment hatred and violence against Armenians.

“Today’s anti-Armenian demonstrations in the streets of Istanbul—with the interior minister and prominent political parties at the helm—were clearly aimed at inciting increased racism and renewed violence against Turkey’s own Armenian citizens and neighboring Armenia,” stated ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. “These are not simply the violent echoes of a post-genocidal state, but the determined actions of a pre-genocidal Turkish society that is angrily lashing out at its imagined enemies and seeking out its next target. We urge U.S. Ambassador Ricciardone to immediately, forcefully, and publicly condemn this government-sanctioned incitement to violence.”

More photographs have emerged on Feb. 28 from different cities in Turkey, including one from an event at the Suleyman Demirel University in Isparta, where students chanted “Mount Ararat will become your grave” and other racist slogans, according to the Turkish daily newspaper Radikal.


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  1. zohrab said:

    they will never change killing stealing being unjust is in their blood and the world sees them but just looks on.we are one of the most cultured anciant people on this earth stuck between mongel murderers locked in we have a whole globe looking but relaxing letting all go by including the usa .most of them are uncultered with no history currently only intersted in wealth .it just shows us to collect ourselves to the fullest get ready for the day to give these mongols a one big chapelakh to make his head turn and realize who we are.we are the araratians

  2. Gary said:

    What you expect from these Mongols and Tatar people………..full of hot air. I just hope our beloved Armenian government has some secret weapons at works to annihilate the Turkish army in case they really attack Yerevan. I am 58 years old man, and I’ll be the first one out to fly to Armenia to fight this cockroaches.

  3. Satenik said:

    What do you expect from a bunch of Turks? Their brain is still stuck in the dark ages. Anyone who thinks that Turks have changed should have their bloody brain examined.! Incidently….why haven’t the leaders in the so called “free world” expressed any thoughts of how to protect the human rights of Armenians in Turkey? Oh…silly me…they are more concerned with “saving” the Arabs from their own governments. What is Hillary Clinton’s take on this? or is shee too busy meddling in Syria now?

  4. AdilJavid said:

    Ironic isn’t it that the turks are so upset with Armenians concerning the issue of the turks’ mass murder and ethnic cleansing of the Armenians in 1915 that now they wish to invade Armenia and murder its entire population for said affront. A turk will always be a turk. If the Armenian genocide of 1915 is not acknowledged and punished by the world, another genocide of the Armenians will happen again. The turks are truly a barbarous people.

  5. Johannes Wusst said:

    This people are crazy! their goverment is dirty , and this kind of demostrations shows to the world how proud they are about the genocide against armenian people. Hipocrit USA and Israel that support a goverment like this. Shame on mr.Obama one of the bigest lier in the history ! No more turks in europe please!!

  6. Aydin said:

    Make no mistake – these people are the equivalent of KKK in the USA. They are minority in Turkey and have no place in Turkish society. Remember the Turkish March in Taksim Square when Harant Dink was killed? There were thousand times more people compared to these mad racist skin heads… Peace.

    • Nadia said:

      Aydin, I hear all the angry Armenian voices resulting from this article! I heard yours more! Thank you. As an Armenian it is warming to have you reach out.

    • Nadia said:

      Unfortunately when major leaders of your current government are participating it is no longer just the misguided action of a minority few but a serious development. They represent all of you on the world stage.

  7. gary_s said:

    They are upset because they are losing the genocide debate–they know they are guilty.

  8. Baron's said:

    Is anybody really surprised by this…..?…..hatred will only lead to more violence….no way to re-educate an ignorant Turk….whose favorite drink seems to be a glass of Armenian blood….

  9. Hagop D said:

    Quite funny coming from a mixed, Asiatic race of primitive people who are as lowly today as the day they started their migrations from Mongolia. I dream of the day these scum of the Earth are wiped clean out of historic Armenia. Turks and Azeris are in infestation any place they dirty with their presence.

  10. Christo said:

    I wonder how these AGBU, Diocese, affiliates and all these Americanized Armenians feel about these “good, righteous turks.” Might be a good idea for the SDHP, AGBU, Ramgavars, pick up a guitar and start circle dancing and singing world peace.

  11. ARA said:

    like ur ottoman ancestors- DIRT– u will give back our lands in the east and keep ur filth in the west-COWARDS– one on one- u will fall

  12. zareh said:

    These people are no different than the Turkish people of 1915.
    Hard to change the genetic makeup of a criminal minded population.

  13. armenian said:

    wow !!! that is a really big mouth, these turks really have big mouths !!! who are they to genocide and re state another genocide and get away with it !!

  14. Vazken said:

    Tamerlanes illegitimate litter calling Armenians bastards? Shows how little these wretched souls know about their parents and ancestors, typical of your average inbred Turk on the street.

  15. Raffi Bairamian said:

    This is turkish culture , a culture of racisim and genocide.The struggle of the Armenian people will continue uniil we take back ALL our rights

  16. Hagop said:

    Here we go…
    The masks are being thorn, Turkey as a part of Europe is just an illusion. Just what the placards mean, “we will kill and annihilate you”. Mount Ararat will be your grave. The boils and lessions of rassism are coming out more and more on the face of Turkish society. After all nothing has changed. Turkey was, is and forever will be the sick man of the world.

  17. Christo said:

    Is M. Bryza in the crowd? After all he is a proud Turk, and he definitely showed his disdain towards Armenians.

  18. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    I can see their faces similar to Anwar, Talat,Djamal (Saffah) pashas…
    They carry their genes and no one can them…clean
    As the famous Arab poet, Assad Rostum poeted from Washington.USA in May 1916
    When they hanged his friends in Damascus and Beirut…
    “The sons of Turks, You are Never Muslims ”
    I repeat what he said after almost a century,
    “The Sons of Turks, you are never humans.”

    • Alex Postallian said:

      Sylva: When the mongols returned to mongolia,from Anatolya,they left behind their cowards,deserters,inferior elements;that is the nucleus of modern turkey.This remaining element furthered depravity,by being illiterate,tribal herdsmen, nothing more.

  19. Araxi said:

    This is simply a state sponsored genocidal movement. I guess they have NATO on their side….
    This act should be condemned by advanced nations of the world, the United Nations and Amnesty International.
    God is with Armenia and all Armenians around the world.

  20. Raffikian said:

    Insult is the weapon of the weak, Turkey is focusing it’s people’s atention by inciting against the Armenian Genocide, while it’s problems are adding up every passing day, by trying to play super power in the region he is diging his grave, West is closely watching, Syria is lost to Russians because of Turkey, Lebanon may go same route to Russians beacuse of Turkey, Irak went to Iran Because of Turkey, US casualities increased and extended US stay during Irak war because of Turkey, and now trying to play power breaker in North Africa Libya, Egypt so on… Turkey watch out, West is watching.

  21. Tony said:

    From this site:

    Here is something about Turkey:

    1 Want to know a few things and facts about Turkey?

    Modern Turkey is nothing of what Turkey used to be, after stealing culture form every nation, Turkey transformed to a transvestite hard to be identified of what it is.

    But deep inside, Turkey remains a transvestite.

    Turkey is a nation that promotes propaganda, false and incorrect historical and cultural information in order to gain some glance for its self.

    Glance, that never was able to posses due to the fact that Turkish culture and civilization had never achieved anything to distinguish or anything remarkable.

    Someone can easily spot a few Turkish “copy paste” or borrowed customs and trademarks. Some of these are:

    The Turkish flag is a symbol stolen from the Greeks, the Byzantine empire! The Turkish currency, the Turkish pound, was invented by the British.

    The modern Turkish writing, stolen by Turks, directly from the European countries that used to occupy Turkey, France, Italy, England Greece etc…

    Turks use to write Arabic, as their mother tongue has Arabic origins.

    The modern dress and look of Turkey stolen by the West, Turks used to wear Arabic clothes till the 1900s! Turkish cousin and food, stolen by Armenia, Kurdistan, Syria and Egypt! The Turkish modern art, stolen from Italy, Greece, France and Spain! Turkish monuments, there is none! All Turkey has to show, is Agia Sofia and Greek temples and monuments! Ephesus, Miletus, Troy, Halicarnassus, Trabzon, Sinop, Smyrna, Antalya, Adana,Edessa, Mesopotamia,Elaea (Aeolis), Epibates,Ermenek,E rythrae,Eski sehir, Faustinopolis,Anti ochia, Lydia, Heraclea Pontica, Ceramus,Mallus,,Ma nisa,Mersin, Pergamon, Pessinus, Phellus, Phocaea and many others, are Ancient Greek cities with Greek monuments! Even the Mountain Ararat, was stolen from the Armenians!

    The Turks today are a mix of Armenians, Serbians, Greeks, and Kurds etc. Turks were mixed in a huge portion during the Ottoman Empire when they needed vast numbers of men to serve the army.

    Then, they started a program of child, youth male collection from the above nations, to use them as Janissary. Janissaries were the best Turkish military force ever, and it was not even Turkish! These soldiers were the elite of the Turkish community and were the only units allowed and promoted to mate and produce children, capable as them!

    That had as a result, the vast majority of Turks today to be consisted by Armenians, Greeks and Serbs! Even the Ottoman Empire was not Turkish, it starts as an Arabic effort to unite the Arabic nomads of the area. It was consisted by Egyptians, Syrians, Bedouins, Persians and others.

    Somewhere there, in the mid 1200s Mongol tribes that were driven out by the Hans, come to the area, and mixes with the Arabic nomads.

    These mixes form the Turkic branch of Mongols. The Turkish lands are not even Turkish! Mosul and Hatay belong to Syria and are occupied illegally, Eastern Turkey belongs to Kurdistan, Eastern Thrace with the Islands Imbros and Tenedos belong to Greece, Northern Cyprus is occupied illegally, Ararat and parts of Eastern Turkey belong to Armenia. Constantinople ( Istanbul ) is occupied illegally as well.

    Turkey doesn’t belong in Europe, but Turks claim that they do not belong to Asia either! Turkey is a modern fine transvestite!

    Turkey today calims that they have a Democracy (today there is a military regime that rules Turkey), even that was stollen form the West, Greece! And there is much more….

    • Francis Bulbulian said:

      Tony an excellent concise historical view of the Turks and Turky. Enjoyed reading it.

  22. Francis Bulbulian said:

    Turks are agian showing their Barberian roots with their actions and hate speeches. When will civilization arrive on their shores. What ever they might have was stolen or inherited by killing!

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  25. Jirair said:

    Turkey, like all other places in the world, has good people and bad people. There are many Turks who know what their forefathers have done and feel remorse and shame. Don’t mistake the desperate, misguided, evil people planning and implementing these protests as being representative of all Turks. God created the world round for a reason, and all will come full circle in due time. When it does, Turkey will have to face what it’s predecessors have done.

  26. Alec Toynton said:

    I am disgusted with the vile racism against Turkish people shown by many of those contributing towards the discussion policy. Turks are just like any other people from around the world, there are extremely nice Turks, bad Turks and indifferent Turks. I have to say that most of the Turkish people I have met have shown themselves to be very polite and pleasant people. What happened to the Armenian people during the First World War was appalling but let us not forget that many Turkish civilians were brutally killed by Armenian irregulars. Also, we must remember that the Turks were hardly alone in committing atrocities against other people. 10 million people died in the Congo as a result of King Leopold’s brutal exploitation of that region. We don’t continue to denounce Belgians as all being barbaric bloodthirsty savages because of this and nor should we. To go on hating the Turkish people because of events that happened almost a century ago is childish. As a British person, I don’t hate German or Japanese people because of what happened in the Second World War. People need to grow up a bit and stop hating others solely on the basis of their nationality.

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