Turkey ‘Ready To Share Pain’ With Armenians, Claims Davutoglu

Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

ANKARA (Agence France- Presse)—Turkey is ready to share the pain of Armenians as they prepare to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Tuesday.
“We want to share the pain of those who are ready to share it with us,” Davutoglu was quoted as saying by Anatolia news agency in an interview with state-run television TRT Haber late Tuesday.

“It is necessary to keep channels open in order to share history,” said Davutoglu.


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  1. ari bouari said:

    i say its a bullshit ! this is a lie ,yesterday we saw the protestors and their logos and the interior minister…. we don’t want any lies anymore

  2. HArutuyn said:

    loooool Look at this sneak again did he actually use the words Armenian Genocide????????
    he did mention History insted of reality
    so can one tell me what is the snake doing here again
    this is so funny here they are again back into the game again

  3. HArutuyn said:

    Your country has committed Genocide and we should share the pain with you?????
    it should be the other way around you should come forward and share our pain with us
    and we ll know how you still try to bring pain upon us and yes it is 2012 last time i checked my calendar
    so from our point ov view you go to hell and dont come Davut

  4. ARA said:

    Mr. Davutoglu, how are you going to share the pain with the Armenians?

    Staring with a formal apology, then compensation, and the return of the stolen land?

    or this statement is to cushin the blow of the 100th anniversary that is coming around the corner?

  5. Diran said:

    It is painfully clear from this clumsy piece of propaganda–which does not even have the guts to identify what pain it is that Turkey is ready to ‘share’–that it is nothing but a desperate attempt at preventing another debate in France which would further drag Turkey’s name through the mud in the lead-up to 2015. The emphasis placed on an old ploy–the ‘historic commission’ idea–shows once again that Davutoglu is totally in denial about the mountain of historic evidence already staring him in the face, the damning judgement of countless historians and genocide specialists and the searing testimony of thousands of eye witnesses of all classes and nationalities. And we are to trust Mr. D. to pick some good historians for his much desired ‘commission’ so that he can do with them what Turkey did with the solemn ‘sages’ of the French Constitutional Council! It is a joke!

  6. Christo said:

    I got nothing to share with you adapsiz. You can share your pain with the AGBU, diocese and SDHP backstabbers.

  7. zareh said:

    What the jerk is saying, the Jews have to share the pain with the Nazis.
    The victims should share the pain with the perpetrators. Ahmet, I feel sorry for your logic if you have any.
    Now go join the group that shouts “bastard Armenians”.
    You are no different in mentality than Enver, Talaat or Jemal.
    If you had a chance to commit another Genocide you wouldn’t hesitate a second.

  8. Krikor said:

    Share pain ? my donkey’s S. First admit to the historical fact that “The Armenian Genocide” was perpetrated by his predecessor government and subsequent Turkish governments denied it.Even your current government is fighting against it;even though Turkey knows they are losing their fight BIG time.

  9. Jerry said:

    Unreal. Truly this man is in the Twilight Zone. I suppose he means the “shared tragedy” of somehow equal loss. Our shared tragedy is one of aggressor and victim. Can he make it that far at least?

    This sounds like a BS revival of the protocols and “historical commission” facade.

  10. Raffi Bairamian said:

    Turkish officials are liars, and we don’t believe them , Turkey must stop iys racist policy towards the Armenian People by recognizing the Armenian Genocide and returning the occupied Armenian properties to its owners and paying indemnities to the Armenian people.

  11. Hairenakitz on YouTube said:

    Here we are again!
    Just before 24th April every year, *Turks wear their human mask AGAIN*.

    __The shameless Turkish government first sponsors and organizes anti-Armenian demonstrations throughout Turkey and other countries, spread and provoke racial hatred… and then comes their phony OLIVE BRANCH__

    • Hairenakitz on YouTube said:

      A perfect and synchronized dispatch of Interior Minister to Taksim square (with professionally prepared placards to spread racial hatred), and Foreign Minister to offer an ‘Olive Branch’ to share pain… in case Armenians don’t know where the orders come from!

      What was the name of Interior Minister in Taksim square?

      ‘Talaat Pasha’ or ‘Idris Naim Sahin’?
      Same people!
      Same policy!

  12. Arman said:

    “We want to share the pain of those who are ready to share it with us,” …………Well Mr. Davutoghlan, we can assure you that we have plenty of pain for you to ‘share.’ LOL

  13. Arto said:

    What he means by “sharing” the pain is that the Turks will continue giving it and we continue receiving it.

  14. bayrakiniyakan said:

    once again the Turkish state propaganda is on its high level ,Turks disgracing the Armenian Genocide , Sevre treaty , the whole Armenia nation , Hay Tad and of course our ( sleeping beauty dreaming of Turkish Armenian protocols ) the Armenia foreign ministry !! why our retaliatory responses are getting late on all level governmental and organizations , who is in charge ? why the whole Armenian nation and the Armenian state is not responding in one voice ? now looking at the time demand and all the BS around i wont be surprise if tomorrow we all hear with loud boom the return of the forgotten Armenian (extremism) groups such as ( ARA ASALA JCAG ) and i guess its about time for them to be included unofficially in and around the circle of the 100 anniversary of the Armenian Genocide . at the end the republic of Armenia must have HAY TADI NAKHARARUTYUN

  15. Grish Begian said:

    Mr. Davood Oghloo first thing you should do before opening Turkish channel for Armenians, take your phoney penal code 301 away from Turkey’s constitution, then let your journalists and intellectuals have freedom of speech, then let your minorities such as Kurds, Alavis, Assyrians, Greeks, Hamshen Christians, Jews,…… with full guaranteed citizenship with their own independent school and language, then go to Strasbourg, France, condemn Turkish dark history of the past, then you can talk to Armenians as newly converted civilized Turk, otherwise your words are hollow as always been in the past, no one has time to listen the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Armenians have sad long humiliated history with Altai invaders to share, Armenians will be happy if you condemn first Genocide of Century in your beloved state-run television!!

  16. Viguen Krikoryan said:

    No thanks, keep your offer to yourself. Admit your crime of Genocide against humanity and Armenians. Stop bribing Hillery Clinton, Gephart, Rice and alike Genocide deniers with Turkish money. Stop rewriting history. The Turks are known for their thirst of blood of others and this is something that you can not never and ever wash your hands and run away from it. Davutoglu, your tail is stuck between the door, there is no escape for likes of you.

  17. Gary said:

    No Armenian is ready to share any pain with a denialist, xenophobic, anti-Armenian, truth distorting, hatful Turks like Davutoglu. He should learn from Germany to be sincere and honest about his nation’s murder of an entire race. Armenia and Armenians consider his proposal an INSULT to the memory of all our Genocide victims.

  18. David said:

    Ahmet, if you really want to “share our pain” (and contempt), why don’t you join us when we arrive from all over the world to complete what Mr Dink planned on doing with his family before being assassinated by your “grey Wolves”- a Death March from his birthplace of Matalya to the killing fields of Der Zor?
    Hope to see you there, I’ll be the one carrying the sign reading; “Today, I am Kurdish”.

  19. parsik said:

    I see Armenians are getting little better and smarter in new era, that is delighting my heart, I see no consolidating and consorting comment from real Armenians to answer this bonafide jackal politician’s call!

  20. Hrachya said:

    Good policy, you say, that you will share our pain (which I understand as recognition of the Genocide), and international agencies will say “Good, Turkey makes some efforts” but in fact you just prolong the time until 2015, and after 100 years of The Genocide it will be less actual to discuss the issue of the recognition among international agencies and other countries. No, thank you, mr. turk, we don’t need you to share our paint!

  21. Stepan said:

    We have a grievence with these people, one of such significance that even it takes 2000 years we must pay back and take back our beloved Western Armenia. our Ani.
    It took the Jews 2000 years and we are just as deterimend to take back waht is righfully ours.

  22. Lusik said:

    Mr. Sharepainoglu-Gavutoglu,

    I hope you notice that I don’t deny that you are Davutoglu. I don’t deny that you are a son of Mr. Davutoglu.

    We, Armenians have nothing to share at this moment with those who by force and violently took everything imaginable from people of our kind – Armenians. Including life itself. Including lives of unborns and about-to-die elderly people.

    You know that, your people became aware of that. You know that the truth knocks your door. This is YOUR PAIN. Very different kind and nature.

  23. Harry B. said:

    Like we Armenian Americans say,Ahmet bey,”Take your “sharing” and shove it!” You have zero credibility with us and we don’t need another Turkish clown representing the present day successor Nazi regime of the perpetrators of the Genocide of our people to pretend to have conscience: you have none!
    Your and thousands of your compatriots’ patronizing and condescending attitude toward Armenians speak more loudly than strategically uttered words of reconciliation.You and your ilk, with your decaying Ottoman mindset must be confusing the modern day Armenians with those of our brothers and sisters, your neighbors! whom your ancestors so treacherously misled and savagely slaughtered.We have learned not to trust a word coming from any Turkish official.If you are sincere in wanting to change that, a good first step would be for you to go to any Armenian church in Constantinople, kneel at the “khoran” and beg forgiveness from the souls of millions of innocent victims of successive Ottoman-Turkish governments.
    Until then, take your snake oil to some other poor, unsuspecting souls:we already know your kind!

  24. Baron's said:

    He gave me a good laugh…with his share the pain story…but hey folks…he’s backed by th US Administration…so maybe for now he and his goons look credible to the rest of the world and we the victimss look foolish

  25. MGL said:

    Let’s admit that there are enough good Turkish people, same way like there are plenty not so good Armenians. But if all bad Turks will commit suicide than I would take it as a “sharing”.

  26. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    For so many years and generations the Turks have told their people that the Armenian genocide never happened that now the people truly don’t know any better. The truth will come when it becomes safe for a Turk to tell the truth about the genocide. Anyone who ventures into that area so far has been prosecuted. Davidoglu must be lauded that he has got enough of the right attitude to share our pain. The Turks have really become European style civilized in their outlooks and attitude such that they may be willing to speak tolerantly that the genocide may have happened and that they may be sitting on what was once Armenian lands and perhaps then they would feel like sharing their eastern Turkish lands with us so that we may have access to the sea and flourish the area with our Armenian archeological digs.

  27. Setrak Kassabian said:

    Thesimple fact of the matter is for Armenians and Turks to share the pain The population of Turkey should be told the truth of what happened in 1915 onwards :
    It is true that in 1915 there were small groups of Armernians that could be regarded as terrosists BUT to exterminate a whole race of people by a government(please see definition of genocide) because of this, is analogous for for the west to destroy all of Islam because of a few islamic terrorist groups that exists in present day . This should be drummed into the head of every Turk plaques should be put in front of all ancient Churches The present day Government should appologise for what happened and some restetution be looked at.
    And only then can Armenian and Turks come together to share the pain of the past

  28. Steven Kocay said:

    what you guys expect really? do you want a turkish official say yes there is genocide yes lets give armenians some money , lets give armenians a hand of land and bla bla.. do you think you will start to live a better life.
    Armenian state and diaspora fool you and wash your brain.