Noted French Writer Calls French Court Ruling a ‘Mistake’

Bernard-Henri Levy

Noted French writer, Bernard-Henri Levy, wrote in the Huffington Post Tuesday that the last week’s French Constitutional Council decision to invalidate a measure to criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide a “mistake.”

Levy also hints that the decision was made under pressure from Turkish denialist agents determined to overturn an earlier decision by both house of the French Parliament. He also casts doubt on the impartiality of the members of the Constitutional Council.

“A discredited Council, even if it is constitutional, is not the guardian of the Truth, and, fortunately, the decision it has just taken cannot judge in advance the outcome of a battle the historians of genocides have long since won,” notes Levy.

He adds that the law should be passed as a “law for humanity.”

“A just and eminently universal law we count on the next president, whoever he may be, to put back on the agenda,” concluded Levy.

Read the entire Bernard-Henri Levy piece in the Huffington Post.


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  1. Raffikian said:

    France lost Syria to Russia because of Turkey’s indiference towards France’s interests in the erea, should France keep showing weakness and hesitance to act agianst Turkey, he may lose also Lebanon and other countries which historicaly have close relation with France.

    • Bagratuni said:

      Actually the situation is far more serious than that. Just like Nazi Germany, Turkey has proved itself incapable of reform from within. Its ruling ideology is authoritarian/fascist (Turkish racist nationalism is in fact proto fascist, going back to the Young Turk’s racist nationalist Turkism). Therefore, an authoritarian/fascist, aggressive/resurgent, urepentant genocidal state such as Turkey with Deep State terrorism dominating its internal and very likely, in due course, external politics great swathes of European (EU!) territory are under threat: Greece, the rest of Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania… .Can anyone imagine a Nazi German state still in existence in Europe??!! Even the thought is absurd since such an aggressive (Nazi-German) state would make a peaceful and secure Europe impossible. Yet Turkey, which has all the characteristics of the Nazi state, although on the periphery, yet it is a definite threat to its security but yet still that mortal danger to European values and security is being tolerated and/or ignored!
      Turkey’s state sponsored denial of the Armenian Genocide, together with its openly hostile and aggressive attitude and intent toward the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people is the shame of Europe and the entire civilised world. Turkey, just like Nazi Germany is incapable of reform from within and emrasing democratic values – it has proved this for the past 10, 25, 70 and 200 … years. And it is just as dangerous as the latter for all its neighbours and large parts of Europe and the Middle East It must be dismantled from without, just like Nazi Germany, before Europe can feel secure.

  2. Peter Megerdumian said:

    We need more honorable Jewish gentlemen like Mr.Levy to speak out about the Armenian genocide and about the simple principle of respect of the sanctity of human life and the importance to punish those governments who grossly violate human rights and try to eradicate an entire people.

  3. txamard said:

    How about the disgusting denial of the Armenian genocide by Israel and organized Jewish diaspora? Is that also a “mistake”? Or is there an anti-Armenian conspiracy?

  4. Satenik said:

    More Jewish scholars and writers should raise their voice for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Thank you Mr. Levy. For Jews who have suffered themselves, not to recognise the Armenian Genocide is pathetic in extreme and excuses don’t go down very well with those who know that Jews should know and do better than trying to sabotage the recognition of the Armenian Genocide at every stage . Stop this hypocracy . At least if you don’t want to recognise it in Israel, don’t make obstacles in other countries. It does look very ugly !