‘Khloe and Lamar’ to Discuss Armenian Genocide

AYF protest against Genocide denial (Photo by Justin Kaladjian)

March 11 episode of E! Network hit will feature film and photos from AYF alumni

WASHINGTON—“Khloe and Lamar,” the hit E! Network “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” spin-off watched weekly worldwide by millions, will feature a discussion of the Armenian Genocide highlighting contemporary footage and photography by two veterans of the Armenian Youth Federation, Armen Varadian and Justin Kaladjian.

The episode is set for broadcast this Sunday, March 11 at 10 p.m. Eastern/9 p.m. Central.

The discussion of the Armenian Genocide will focus on whether Khloe Kardashian’s husband, NBA Star Lamar Odom, will play basketball in Turkey, a particularly sensitive point given the Kardashian family’s pride in their Armenian heritage, and Turkey’s legacy as an unrepentant perpetrator of genocide against the Armenian people.

E! Network producers reached out to The Genocide Education Project (GenEd), after seeing film footage and photography from an educational video that Varadian and GenEd Education Director Sara Cohan had prepared as part of a human rights curriculum project funded by the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities.  The documentary featured photos of AYF-organized anti-genocide protests in New York and Washington DC taken by Kaladjian, as well as photography and video taken by Varadian in Armenia.

“We really appreciate the show’s interest in learning more about the efforts of young Armenians to raise public awareness of the Armenian Genocide, and are very excited by the fact that this weekend millions of people around the world – many for the first time – will learn about our work for a truthful and just resolution of this terrible crime,” said Varadian and Kaladjian, in joint remarks.

“We were glad to be able to share educational resources with the producers of Khloe & Lamar to help spread awareness about the Armenian Genocide, and look forward to continuing to work with all the Kardashians in ending the cycle of genocide worldwide,” noted Cohan.
Visit the “Khloe and Lamar” show’s Web site and Facebook page.

Visit the Genocide Education Project’s Web site and Facebook page.

Armen Varadian’s production company is AMV Creative.


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  1. gaytzag palandjian said:

    Fantastic and kudos to Varadian, kaladjian and Ms. Cohan and indeed the couple kloe and Lamar who have made this to happen.Millions no doubt will follow this spin off tomorrow 11th March on T.V.Certainly the Kardashians are to be commended for a great act on T.v. and trust they will …
    Keeping Up with the Kardashians¨¨¨¨ first ever such a T.V. show that sounds as ARMENIAN sponsored…

  2. Sargis said:

    Shame on people who have lend their support to the Kardashians. Shame on you. Kardashian are not Armenian, they have hijacked the Armenian label for their image and money.

    • Katie said:

      So to you, the fact that MILLIONS watched the Kardashians defend Armenians and teach about the Genocide to people who probably don’t know about it does not matter….but the fact that they are just about image and money matter? Get a life…the fact that they are teaching about it proves they are not stupid….

      • Sargis said:

        Please don’t be naive. They are paid to “teach” about the Genocide. They do it for their own public image – the Armenian label that they falsely put on themselves is for that public image. Just because the bark the word Genocide doesn’t mean they are Armenian nor should they be supported by any self-respecting Armenian.

  3. danoog said:

    Bravo for the Kardashians. I think generally speaking they reflect negatively on Armenians, but I commend Khloe and Lamar for bringing the genocide issue to the public view. Say what you want about them, but they have a huge audience.

  4. Hrant K. said:

    It looks like the 7th Art and Sports(Basketball) will be having more impact than politicians in the
    States! Khloe and Lamar by following their sister’s and sister-in-law’s(Kim K.’S) footsteps will
    broaden the awareness worldwide @ this critical moment of Presidential elections in the US,
    France, Armenia and Iran! Good luck and Bravo to both of you: Lamar and Khloe !!!

  5. Peter Megerdumian said:

    The kardashians the most atypical and unusual and bizarre Armenians on the planet but they are doing something good and we have to praise them for that.

  6. Peter Megerdumian said:

    I guess if Dr.Ruth can talk about sex and the holocaust in the same show, I guess the Kardashians (who are a million times cleaner) can also talk about the genocide.

  7. kristina said:

    i am happy she brought attention to it. This is the reality of armenia with turkey as well as Greece with Turkey. There is still a lot of tension because of Turkey’s barbaric past and today’s refusal to own up to their horrific offences

  8. Stepan said:

    I thought that Khloe did a very credible job on the show last night. It was clear and strong in terms of the message. Good for her for taking the time to use her venue to express her thoughts on her heritage.

  9. freakshow said:

    We as Armenians are so feeble minded. Yes, the Kardashians are our spokespersons now. Are you kidding me. Obama says he’ll recognize the Genocide, we get happy. Then, when we get duped and he backs down from his position, we get sad. Where were we this week when Shimon Peres was in town strutting his wares as Dreamworks, etc. I didn’t see the Kardashians protesting outside of his functions or the AYF. Noone of any import is watching Khloe and Lamar. Get over it, the Kardashians are using us for their own financial gain and they could give a hoot about genocide recognition lest it lines their pockets with money. Sounds like the rest of our self-anointed leaders.

  10. sam said:

    those who are talking negative about the kardashians let me tell you something they are in show business and t.v episodes or call it whatever you like they are smart and shrewd and made millions of dollars the show business and hollywood requires all the things that they are doing or offering there are millions like them out there trying to get in the same scenario and have no chance what so ever . read the books about the israelis it was there women who controled all arab men and drained there money to create rich israel i tip my hat to them and wish them the best of the best

  11. Hagop D said:

    It seems ‘Armenians’ no longer have any ethics or morals left. I’m not talking about the pseudo-Armenian trashy Kardashians. I’m talking about the commenters here who are cheering this God-forsaken family.

    If ‘Khloe and Lamar’ are now representing Armenian interests, we might as well give up now, and assimilate.

    Shame on all of you, including all Armenian media outlets who even waste time talking about this trash.

  12. Mary said:

    Good job Khloe and Lamar!! You have to give credit to the Kardashians as Armenians for not neglecting their roots. Were are all of the other so called Armenian celebrities that have never put a spot light on the Armenian cause? This is certainly good exposure for the Armenian cause because currently reality shows like Khloe and Lamar have a massive audience.

  13. Hratch said:

    There is an old saying in Hollywood….Any publicity is good publicity!