Erdogan Tells Obama Turkey, Minsk Group Should Join Forces

Obama and Erdogan during a meeting last year

SEOUL, South Korea (Combined Sources)—Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, during a meeting with President Barack Obama, has suggested that Turkey and the OSCE Minsk Group join efforts to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Meeting in the South Korean capital ahead of the Nuclear Security Summit, the two leaders reportedly focused on the current situation around Syria, but also discussed the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Erdogan also expressed Turkey’s discontent over the new resolution in the U.S. Congress regarding the Armenian Genocide.

“I reminded Obama that during the past two decades the OSCE Minsk Group has not succeeded in settling the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. And since the issue has reached a deadlock, I suggested that we talk to Azeris and Minsk Group co-chairing France, Russia and the United States try to persuade Armenia, so that they can solve the issue,” Erdogan was quoted as saying in the Turkish Sabah newspaper.

“I told Obama that we are tired. Every year in April we face the same problem, whether Republicans come [to power] or Democrats, the issue remains the same. I showed him the steps we had taken, brought Akhtamar as an example,” said Erdogan, referring to the reconstruction of the medieval Armenian church in Lake Van in 2010, and the permission to Armenian Christians to hold liturgies there once a year.

The Turkish premier called on Obama “not to mistake U.S. senators, lawmakers and politicians for historians.”

“I congratulated the Prime Minister on the efforts that he’s made within Turkey to protect religious minorities. I am pleased to hear of his decision to reopen the Halki Seminary,” said Obama following the meeting with Erdogan.

“I just want to say how much I appreciate the opportunity to once again meet with my friend and colleague, Prime Minister Erdogan. I think it’s fair to say that over the last several years, the relationship between Turkey and the United States has continued to grow across every dimension. And I find Prime Minister Erdogan to be an outstanding partner and an outstanding friend on a wide range of issues,” said Obama.


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  1. Gayane said:

    I say Erdogan needs to shut his mouth and go on living his direty life…. He is tired of the problem?? Then He should consider solving the problem by removing his dirty paws from the situation as it is not his call how things should pan out between dirty Azerbyebyejan and Armenia…The dirty politicians loves to mouth off how generous his dirty govt became by reconstracting ONE out of thousands of churches that Turks destroyed along with dirty Azeris… how generous ofyou Mr. Erdogan….. but guess what??? what you did is NOTHING compared to what Turkey NEEDS AND WILL do to pay for the Genocide that their ancestors committed… so please spare us your dirty tricks and dirty promises.. and Obama as idiotic as he is falls into Erdogan’s dirty paws… AS ALWAYSS…truly sad set of men..

    and next time when you see each other, a hand shake will do.. the way these two are in the above picture, i say OBama is in love with Erdogan… very cozy… sickening…

  2. danoog said:

    Let’s see if I have this straight. Obama congratulates Erdogan for re-opening ancient Armenian religious sites, then charging admission to enter them. Barack again shows where he falls on the scale of trustworthiness. Perhaps Armenians are a little to Christian for him?

  3. Christo said:

    “I told Obama that we are tired. Every year in April we face the same problem, whether Republicans come [to power] or Democrats, the issue remains the same. I showed him the steps we had taken, brought Akhtamar as an example,”

  4. facts said:

    I was not a supporter of Robert Kocharian when it comes to domestic issues. Still in my ‎opinion Robert Kocharian´s administration was able to deal with Turkey far much better than ‎LTP and Serjic´s adminstrtaion (Levon was a catastrophe- Serjic is following the same path) .‎
    LTP made Turkey a member of Minsk Group ( a big mistake) and Serj Sarkisian made the ‎mistake with so called protocols and more! ‎

    ‎1.‎ Serjic S. did almost the same nave mistakes as LTP. Both president did believe by ‎trying in some way to please Turkey , Turks would change there anti Armenian ‎policy …‎

    Some circles within EU and US are trying to make sure that Turkey at least in some way ‎feels itself being a mediator in Karabakh issue – A trap is being put for Armenia and NKR. ‎Most probably the president of Azerbaijani Kahnat will start playing a game with Tureky and ‎wont agree to meet Armenian President, unless he receives a call from Turkey ( something ‎like that)‎

    All what Armenia could do is to make US and EU clear that if US and EU keep trying to get ‎criminal Turkey involved in Karabakh issue, Armenia would promptly nullify so called ‎protocols and will demand direct participation of NKR in peace takes! !‎

    It is time to correct past mistakes! ‎

  5. Ed said:

    That islamic fundamentalist Primeminister of The Islamic Rebuplic Of Turkey, uses Ahtamar as propaganda.In reality Ahtamar is being used as a museum to atract tourist, meanwhile thousands of armenian churches have been turned to mosqs and body cares about that.

  6. Arthur Pilibosian said:

    Their body language say’s it all. And you wonder why we always get the short end of the stick.

  7. Raffi said:

    Look at the picture, they’re gonna kiss each other. A picture gives you the best impression. The matter of renewing Akhtamar, reopening it to the public once a year for worship, or, reopening the Halki Seminari, Those are excuses, even a stupid person knows about them todays, let our president and pm Erdoghan know that. As Armenians, they can’t put us to sleep on our causes. Times have changed, and history will prove that. No Genocice Is Remained Unpunished.

  8. Areg Minassyan said:

    Mr. Erdogan: The train has come and passed you a long time ago. The Artsakh is already free and independent and the issue has been solved already. Do not try to get the United States and OSCE Minsk Group or anyone else involved.
    As far as Turkey is concerned you and likes of you can go and fly a kite. You have no say and will not be allowed to have a say in the world politics and certainly in the Armenian Causes and certainly in Nagarno-Garabagh ( THE FREE AND INDEPENDENT ARTSAKH OF THE ARMENIANS). Go to Mongolia and go to hell.
    The Armenian Genocide will be one day soon reaffirmed by the United States. Americans and the world wide communities are on the side of JUSTICE. Turkey is guilty of Genocide. Turkey is the author of the word Genocide.

  9. Zareh said:

    Erdogan called Obama “a dilettante”, an amateur, before he became a president. Now, it seems, Obama is trying to prove Erdogan wrong…by kissing his ass, as a true dilettante would.

  10. Krikor said:

    Erdogan “The bully of Europe” wats to be part of NKR negotiations?????????? HA< HA HA HA
    It is like puting the wolf to protect the sheep

  11. Christo said:

    How convenient first annihilate a population, occupy their ancestral lands,destroy any hint of their existence, deny the crime,and finally complain that you are tired of the victims honoring their dead. I always wonder why the federal and law enforcement authorities pursue criminals? They committed a crime, time has gone by all is forgotten, they should leave and let them live their lives. Why should NSA, Fusion centers, CIA, FBI even care about criminals, why have 10 most wanted list? Let them be.

  12. Christo said:

    Mr. Obama, since, your blood buddy erdogan is your best of best friend, shouldn’t you have a serious conversation with your buddy that he is denying and covering up a crime? And, for what? For occupying a land that never belong to his people. Why would you associate yourself with a genocide denier what does that say about you Mr. Obama?

  13. AdilJavid said:

    The day everything goes in Armenia’s favor, politically, economically, militarily, the day before turkey will destroy Armenia once and for all. There will be no punishment for turkey. Who is going to punish the 800 pound mymun in the room? Nobody. The turks got away with stealing and killing for a thousand years and will do so for another thousand years. We know what they are. Be thankful that your families and you don’t live with those psychopathic nomads from central asia. Everything else is just academic.

  14. Liana said:

    This two idiots that welcome each other in a very friendly way very clearly understand that the NKR problem has to be solved in a diplomatic way , beacause nobody wants war.As for the Turkish-Armenian relation that is on the same stage so far I guess they want to prolong it for couple of years untill it becomes a century cause and the world would automatically forget about that and no demands , no excuses.But truly they are mistaken because no genocide remains unpunished if not today but tomorrow.

  15. Shant Melkonian said:

    Dear “yet-another-lying” U.S. President,

    My kids, wife and I cheered for you, followed your every step for months during the elections, we donated to your campaign, volunteered to help and voted for you… And when you won, we were in tears, and our joy for you was beyond any description of words… Our hopes were instantly multiplied for the upcoming Month of April. And where was your 1st trip abroad that month? To stinking Turkey! Where you wouldn’t dare repeat your Genocide statements, showing the world that the true superpower is Turkey and not the USA! How embarrassing?

    There & then you proved to me that all politicians, R or D, share one common vise… You are all big liars!

    You came closer than any of them before you to sound so promising on our ARMENIAN GENOCIDE issue; you impressed upon us as 100% committed to acknowledging the AG. Alas one more time, as soon as you moved into the White House, yet again, the Zionists got a hold of the new WH tenant as they’ve always done, regardless of party… You are powerless and gutless, you are tutored, conducted, trained, steered and string-pulled by them.

    Therefore Mr. President, you are just another common politician. There is absolutely nothing unique about you. You have greatly disappointed all of us Armenian Americans…

    Remember my dear President… That when we expire and leave lifeless… Money-less, powerless, clothes-less, family-less, friend-less, wisdom-less, Porsche-less and Rolex-less… All we take with us is our REPUTATION and our DIGNITY…

    I wish all this wasn’t a fact.