Azerbaijan is Not Constructive About Peace, Says Nalbandian

Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian

YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian issued a statement on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Minsk process.

“20 years ago this day by the decision of the Foreign Ministerial Council of the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe the Minsk process of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement was launched. As a result the Minsk Group and its Co-Chairmanship were formed with the goal to reach a peaceful settlement through negotiations, based on the basic principles of international law.

The Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship of Russia, the United States and France, is the only mediation structure dealing with Nagorno-Karabakh issue with the relevant mandate of the international community.

The Co-Chairs of the Minsk Group have made an important contribution to the preservation of the ceasefire, to the reducing of tension in the conflict zone, to the continuation of negotiations between the sides and elaborating principles for the peaceful settlement of the conflict. In the preservation of ceasefire the Co-Chairs are effectively cooperating with the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office who has also an important role to the preservation of ceasefire.

Thanks to the efforts of the Co-Chairs the wholeness of the principles and elements was elaborated as a basis for the settlement of the issue, and which are reflected in the joint statements of Presidents Medvedev, Obama and Sarkozy made at the G8 Summits in L’Aquila, Muskoka and Deauville.

President of Russia’s consistent efforts with the full support of the Presidents of the USA and France, with an aim to bring closer the positions of the sides on basic principles, gave certain results. Despite the expectations of the international community and Armenia’s constructive stance, the Kazan meeting initiated by the President Medvedev did not become a breakthrough.

If a breakthrough has not been achieved in the conflict settlement until today, it is not because of the lack of efforts by the Co-Chairs, but due to the non-constructive approach by one of the sides, which is consecutively rejecting the proposals made by the Co-Chairs, which is not refraining from the illusion of solving the issue through use of force, which is not willing to negotiate directly with Nagorno-Karabakh, a core party to the conflict.

Committed to the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue through exclusively peaceful means, Armenia highly appreciates the continuous and consistent efforts of the Co-Chair countries-Russia, the United States and France, and believes that thanks to mediation efforts in exactly this format it would be possible to reach a settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue.”


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  1. facts said:

    Mr Nalbandian it is time for president Sarkisian to stop implementing a cheap version of ‎failed Levon´s foreign policy! ‎

    I was not a supporter of Robert Kocharian when it comes to domestic issues. Still in my ‎opinion Robert Kocharian´s administration was able to deal with Turkey far much better than ‎LTP and Serjic´s adminstrtaion (Levon was a catastrophe- Serjic is following the same path) .‎
    LTP made Turkey a member of Minsk Group ( a big mistake) and Serj Sarkisian made the ‎mistake with so called protocols and more! ‎

    ‎1.‎ Serjic S. did almost the same nave mistakes as LTP. Both president did believe by ‎trying in some way to please Turkey , Turks would change there anti Armenian ‎policy …‎

    Some circles within EU and US are trying to make sure that Turkey at least in some way ‎feels itself being a mediator in Karabakh issue – A trap is being put for Armenia and NKR. ‎Most probably the president of Azerbaijani Kahnat will start playing a game with Tureky and ‎wont agree to meet Armenian President, unless he receives a call from Turkey ( something ‎like that)‎

    All what Armenia could do is to make US and EU clear that if US and EU keep trying to get ‎criminal Turkey involved in Karabakh issue, Armenia would promptly nullify so called ‎protocols and will demand direct participation of NKR in peace takes! !‎

    It is time to correct past mistakes! ‎

  2. George said:

    The present anti Democratic government is using Nagorno-Karabakh issue as a skapegoat to depress the populations demands for freedom

  3. The Truth said:

    Dear Mr Nalbandian:‎
    Stop complaining since you and your boss have past the red line while dealing with fascist ‎Azerbaijani regime. It doesn’t serve the interest of Armenia and NKR when, let say, a Latin ‎American country announce its willingness to recognize the independence of NKR and your ‎office doesn’t make us e of it and announce: do it we will follow suite ! Otherweis better ‎keep quite! ‎

    The current non ideal policy and lack of Karabkah strategy by the Yerevan helps only Baku ‎and Turkey!

  4. Areg Minassyan said:

    To Mr. Uduard Nalbandian:
    Do not waste your time and others’ time any more. Get it into your head once and for final. Tell your president to recognize the independance of Artsakh and finally close this book of cats and mouses chasing around. Stop burning airoplane feul and spend your precious time elsewhere. Go and get involved with other important stuff in your carrier.
    Armenians will not allow you and any one else to even think or suggest giving up any part or even a centimeter of our liberated Artsakh land to Azeri Turks. If you can not take the heat you can also get the hell out of Armenian politics. There are others to take your place and represent our just cause.
    Tell your president and your government of Armenia that the whole worldwide Armenians want Armenia to finally recognize the independence and reunification of Artsakh.
    The rest is history. Move the wheels and get over with this micky mouse game.