Aliyev Calls Armenians Fascists at Euronest Meeting

The Armenian delegation at Euronest

BAKU (Yerkir Media)—Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev on Wednesday called Armenians occupiers and fascists during a speech at the Euronest Plenary Session, angering the Armenian parliamentary delegation and shocking European officials gathered at the meeting.

In reporting from Baku Tuesday, head of the Armenian delegation and chairman of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation parliamentary bloc Vahan Hovannesian said that during a meeting with Aliyev Tuesday the president was very welcoming and did not even mention the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

But, in what amounted to an attack on a visiting delegation, on Wednesday Aliyev asserted that Armenia is occupying its territory and called the policies of its neighbor fascist.

“During the plenary session, Aliyev made shocking aggressive statements calling us fascists, occupiers who have desecrated their graves. In short, it was quite an awful speech,” Hovannesian told Yerkir Media. “We are preparing documents now and we’ll distribute them here. We are also going to address the issue in our presentations.”

“Even our European colleagues were shocked. Everyone expected that at least the Armenian delegation would be thanked for participation,” added Hovannesian.

Hovanessian explained that Armenia’s participation in the second assembly of Euronest, the body responsible for implementing the European Union’s Eastern Partnership program (Eop), was welcomed by a cross section of representatives at the conference in Baku.

However, Wednesday’s speech by Aliyev saw many surprised and scrambling for words. Hovannesian said that EU’s Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule attempted to alleviate Aliyev’s attempt to blame the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on Armenia through, what has become common Azeri anti-Armenian rhetoric and propaganda.

Hovanessian explained that the Armenian delegation would provide a rapid response to this overt gesture of discrimination by the president of Azerbaijan.

During the session of Euronest’s Political Affairs Committee on Tuesday a heated discussion took place between Azeri Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov and Prosperous Party of Armenian parliament member Naira Zohrabian who corrected the Azeri minister when he spoke of so-called “occupied territories” of Azerbaijan by Armenia.

In her remarks, Zohrabian said that Mammadyarov was intentionally falsifying historical events and distorting the facts.

“What Mammadyarov is calling ‘occupied’ is nothing but the realization of one of the basic principles of international law that is realization of people’s right to self-determinations,” said Zohrabian.

“The real occupation is that Azerbaijan is currently occupying the Shahumian and Mardakert region,” added Zohrabian.

The Euronest Parliamentary Assembly Baku is attended by 60-member EU delegation, and the delegations of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia, consisting of ten people each.


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  1. Sebouh said:

    It seems that when aliyev can’t put together a factual rebuttal he resorts to childish name calling.

    Keep barking old dog!

  2. Arman said:

    The real occupation is Azerbaijan is occupying Nakhichevan, ever since Lenin gave the province to them in early 1920s to appease Turkey.

    • AdilJavid said:

      The real occupation is that of azeri turks in so called Republic of azerbaijan. The only real Azerbaijan is south of the Arax in Iran. They should go back south. The name of azerbaijan north of the Arax was invented in 1918. The azeris north of the Arax have very shallow roots. In the past it was Caucasian Albania, caucasian was used to differeniate it from the Albania in Europe. In the future it will be called Armenian Albania by the international community. From now on all Armenians should call it Armenian Albania and not Azerbaijan.

  3. sevo said:

    the real occupiers are the azeris , they still occupied 40% of Armenian territories including Nakchichevan.
    AZERBAIJAN the name belongs to IRAN .

  4. Armen said:

    The only Facists I know usually have ugly mustaches, and spend their entire economy on weapons and have daily parades up and down the streets. They usually have propaganda machines who alter facts and crush opposition domestic and foreign. We just have a taller version of Hitler here. Takes one to know one,

  5. chris said:

    yes i think it’s time to start to think about builting products in armenia & start to export them around the globe & think about made in armenia & forget about azerbaijan at the moment they are bunch of barberian them & there cousins the turks .

  6. Krikor said:

    Alyev demonsrtated to the Europeans the real face of Azerbaijan.

  7. AraK said:

    Last news: Lavrov is calling Armenia to give back the occupied territories and only then to discuss the Garapagh problem. I never trusted the Russians 100%. They scr•wed us in the past and they are ready to do it again. It only shows their desperate situation in the Caucasus which slowly will go under the US influence.
    We are really a cursed race! We are not able to see the light at end of the tunnel… yet. Shame.

  8. alex said:

    really, its not baseless. The UN passed 4 resolutions to have Armenia give back the territories. Armenia and Azerbaijan are both UN countries and they both signed a contract and pledged to obey international Law and enforce all lawful resolutions passed by the body.

    • Alex Postallian said:

      My name-sake-The U.N is a mythical group of conversationalists,we called them smokers,who have no authority,all talk,no action be friending the bigger countries.In WW1 it was called the League of Nations,worthless,thats why Armenia was screwed out of their terrtorial rights to gooble,gooble.

  9. GARIK said:

    lol loo at that turk what a racist ass Azerbaijan should have never existed in the first place

  10. ARA said:

    He and his people killed the old, women and children, had harems of multiple wives and slaves and imposed their ugly religion and hate on the world-not just us and look at this dog bark in hunger- who is listening- his family and the few-HO HO HA yee dog u are!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Alex Postallian said:

    YELLOW STAIN turkey-antagonizing a country 1/20 of its size,biggest liar,mongol mentality,illiteracy rate 70%,and its stupid little partner and ass k—–,ahzerbajerk. Still Armenia survived…So when the rest of the GUT-LESS countries realize it,they will be better for it.I doubt it.

  12. Stepan said:

    Every time Aliyev takes the international stage to keep his people fooled by his rhetoric, he helps the world community understand the true nature of the Azerbaijani government, We, as Armenians, are blessed with an incredible culture and civilization that has existed throughout ancient, medieval and modern history. One of the causes of our tragedies has been the unfortunate combination of being an advanced civilization under the shadow of crude and less advanced neighbors. Our success has led to jealousy and racist based attacks by these parties.
    Look at Azerbaijan.the roots are shallow and the government uses racist rhetoric to cover its own failure. They claim everything and have enough history to fill a millisecond of Armenia’s. Without the Caspian oil and gas reserves they have would be an afterthought. But this is who we are. A strong, contributing and civilized people who live in a tough neighborhood over run by constant invaders….. yet we survive because God has blessed us with this gift. Azerbaijan is grasping at straws because that is who they are.
    Aliyev’s behavior is insulting but he has nothing else to say. Karabakh was stolen and now has been returned to its rightful owners. It’s been 3 or 4 generations since the theft but they got used to it. These types of societies like to have “minorities” around to abuse. Those days are over thanks to our courageous people. We never forget their courage in our support of the present and future

  13. turk said:

    :)) i see many angry comments:))
    aliyev said the truth . that is why i see many angry comments
    viva aliyev and viva turks

    • Armen said:

      turk at least you can post comments on an Armenian site, have you ever tried posting comments on a turkish newspaper site or azeri site, they do not allow comments now tell me who are the facists?

  14. Satenik said:

    He is a desperate man. Soon he’ll be calling God a fascist! Let him bark as much as he wants. His day will come when his own oppressed people will eventually topple him and his “celebraty” clan. No wonder his son has bought properties worth millions of dollasr in Dubai. He knows very well that his days are numbered.

  15. Neva said:

    Very strange reaction of Armenians. Aliyev did not said anything new. He has every right to tell the truth about the Nagorno-Karabakh problem. The problem is that Armenians prefer not to admit the truth.

    If someone does not live in the country he lives, he packs his suitcases and go away from this country. Armenians living in Karabakh have chosen another way – they impudently took Azerbaijan’s lands instead of their suitcases. And called it “self-determination”. And now they are surprised by the Azerbaijani President’s speech. Really incomprehensible nation..

    • AJ said:

      Newsflash – Azerbaijan didn’t exist 100 years ago, Armenia did, so did Artsakh with Armenian residents. Go back to your Eurovision pains, we’ll see who’s fascist then after he displaces his own people to show off his wealth.

    • ashot said:

      aliyev is gonna pack his bags and move to dubai once we get to baku..our tanks will be there soon:P

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