Aliyev Blames Armenian Lobby for Azeri Human Rights Abuses

Azeri President Ilham Aliyev

“The day will come when the Azerbaijani flag will fly in Khankandi (Stepanakert) and Shusha (Shoushi),” vows Aliyev.

BAKU—Azeri President Ilham Aliyev blamed the Armenian lobby, the scope of whose influence he said “is quite broad” on the continuing international criticism of Azerbaijan’s abysmal human rights record.

Aliyev, who last month called “Armenians of the world” the number one enemy of Azerbaijan, told a meeting of his cabinet ministers Monday that “The Armenian lobby is the driving force of negative information about us,” reported RFE/RL citing reports in the Azeri news media.

“An information war is waged against us … The Armenian lobby is especially active in that information war. Attempts to badmouth Azerbaijan, to deny Azerbaijan’s realities, to present Azerbaijan to the outside world as a backward and undemocratic country primarily result from dirty deeds of the Armenian lobby,” Aliyev said in remarks cited by the official Azertag news agency.

“The scope of their influence is quite broad. They [Armenians] are represented in the leading print media outlets of various countries. Sometimes they go under different names and hide their ethnic origin,” added Aliyev.

International criticism of Azerbaijan’s human rights record has been growing, with international watchdog groups Amnesty International and Human Rights watch echoing the same concerns with the European Parliament and the State Department. Aliyev’s government increasingly has been criticized for intolerance toward opposition forces, and jailing and suppressing dissidents. Especially harsh is Azerbaijan’s crackdown on journalists and bloggers.

“For us, the number one enemy is the Armenian lobby,” Aliyev said, slightly revising his statements from last month. “We must be prepared to fight against it.”

Armenians are Fascists

Aliyev reiterated comments he earlier this month during a session of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, during which he called Armenian fascists, blaming them for what he and his government continue to say were massacres carried out in Khojaly at the height of the Karabakh war, reported

Of course, there was no mention of the brutal Azeri aggression against Armenians beginning in 1988 in Sumgait and continuing thereafter in Kirovabad, Baku, Shahumyan and Getashen.

The 20th anniversary of one of the most savage attacks on Armenians by Azeri forces in Maragha village was marked last week, with the Vice-Speaker of the British House of Lords, Baroness Cox, calling the event an “example of Azeri crimes against humanity.”

“Every minute, every day brings us closer to victory. Every day Armenia is declining while Azerbaijan is growing in strength. Every day we are moving closer to the day of victory. The day will come when the Azerbaijani flag will fly in Khankandi (Stepanakert) and Shusha (Shoushi),” vowed Aliyev when describing his policies vis-à-vis the Karabakh conflict.

“At all international events, I have spoken about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, exposing the aggressive policy of Armenia. I continue to expose the aggressive policy of Armenia at all levels,” said Aliyev.

“Our military capacity is also increasing. Constant attention is paid to this area and this will continue. We are creating a powerful military industry and at the same time we are buying and will continue to buy a large amount of military equipment, weapons and ammunition,” added Aliyev.

“I’m not talking about weapons of defense. We are buying tanks, artillery, combat aircraft, different weapons, all the modern equipment needed for combat. I can say that we also have a diversified policy and do not depend only on one manufacturer. The number of countries willing to cooperate with us in this area is growing, and we have the capacity. Unlike some other countries, we do not get anything for free, we pay with money, and this will continue,” explained the Azeri president.

“Azerbaijan already has a strong army. All the armed forces are ready to meet any objective today, to ensure all the interests the country, to restore Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Nagorno-Karabakh and the other occupied territories,” said Aliyev.


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  1. facts said:

    A test of all what armenians did for and in Baku:

    The whole so called Azerbaijani society is ill. Aliyev´s folk has become the victim of fascist politic carried out by the regime and Aliyev´s clan…

    Even if the weather in Baku were cloddy, foggy and rainy he would blame Armenians for it !
    He (Aliyev) and all members of his criminal regime are not lees paranoid and mentally ill as the Turkish rulers in 1915 or his big brothers in Ankara. These are people who opened the gate of prisoners and did allow criminals to massacre peaceful Armenian citizens in Baku and Sumgait and later did create for criminals a so called” “Shahid alley in Baku”

    Given the fact of Nazi like anti Armenian propaganda carried out by the regime in Baku, therefore should be not doubt that Aliyev´s regime is able to committee any kind of mass crime against humanity by trying to manipulate facts and using excuses!

  2. GlobalCitizen said:

    This guy is nothing but a clown. And yes please buy more weapons so we can take it away from you again, if you dare once more to attack our people.

    • vechni said:

      ye ,:) u will take our gun which is below of belly:)
      keep dreaming sitting in usa, and saying that armenia impvroing and got power, under russian authority
      armenia became athority not anymore country, bc it is controlled by russians
      , dont worry dude, keep urself well in usa, we turks know what to do with u..
      very soooon, that day will arrive ,
      ALIYEV is right , vicotry is very soon, is approch day by day moment by moment
      waitt, keep ur passion in ur soul, u will see we AZERI -TURKS what will do…
      that thing , u will never see in ur dream, but u will see in reality..
      who cares about the world, we have money , and we rule the europe and usa

      • GlobalCitizen said:

        Don’t worry scumbag, were not just sitting around here in USA. All u turk/azerir are good at is murdering unarmed innocent women and children. You wont have that opportunity again I promise you that. I think you’re the one dreaming about a victory over Armenia since we all know how the karabakh war ended even though azerbaijan had 3x more weapons than Armenia and if the international community didn’t intervene the Armenian flog would of been flying over baku and nakijevan long time ago little one.So here is a little reality check and a history lesson for u little one. next time get ur facts straight before writing another brain fart.

    • Arman said:

      For sure chief, we’re gonna clean house over there. We’re gonna capture every piece we can as war spoils. Just think of it…..hundreds of tanks, artillery tubes, MLRSs, APCs, IFVs, planes and helicopters, all for the taking. Azerbaijan is our “goose that lays the golden egg.” Let them keep up the good work for us lol.

  3. Random Armenian said:

    Aliyev must be feeling internal pressure and dissatisfaction from citizens of Azerbaijan. The concern is, if he’s overthrow, who will come into power? Will they be more willing to start a war?

    “An information war is waged against us”
    Projecting much?

    “… undemocratic country …”
    This is true, and it’s all your fault Aliyev. Your clan is running the country, not Armenians.

    • GB said:

      Unfortunately Allah gave him half of his father brain the other half run with the help of “oil powered” defective generator!! He feels betrayal by his oil Sheikhdom people are imminent, and they will dump his body in a water sewer, like Colonel Gaddafi!!

  4. M.S.K. said:

    Azerbaijan already has a strong army. All the armed forces are ready to meet any objective today, to ensure all the interests the country, to restore Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Nagorno-Karabakh and the other occupied territories,” said Aliyev.
    Aliyev, it seems to me you are not a real politician. Don’t you think your above statement is an inhumane claim? Your grandfather, Stalin, gave Nagorno-Karabakh to your ancestors to gain your oil. Go back to
    School and read the history wisely and not in an insanity manner you will soon admit that Karabakh was and is Armenians’ land. Be wise and think twice before making teleprompter interviews.

  5. Hay said:

    “I’m not talking about weapons of defense.”

    That’s all one needs to hear to realize who the aggressor is, contrary to Aliev’s hypocritical statements. Had Ahmadinejad said such a thing towards Israel, the international community would be up in arms, yet everyone remains silent in spite of Azerbaijan’s increasing bellicose rhetoric. We have no friends in this world, remember that. Only us Armenians are the protectors of our nation.

    • bigmoustache said:

      so true. we cant depend on anyone but ourselves.
      and if our lobby was so powerful then someone would point out that azerbaijan is the aggressor and hypocrite

  6. Roman said:

    It seems, Ilham Aliyev is under pressure from the opposition groups in his country. In my view, he may loose more lands if he gets into a war against Armenia.

  7. 4 Armenia said:

    Happy are all Nations of this world who do not have Turks or Turk-Azerbaijanis as their neighbors!

    This photo with Aliyev looks likes as if Hitler (being f??ked the night before) would have a urgent cabinet meeting with his Nazi-SS officers …not to forget that Alive is Hitler and the two Nazi propaganda minsters Heinrich Himler &Joseph Goebll at once !

  8. Garo said:

    I praise the Lord Jesus for providing this level of IQ to the azeri sultan and generally to the azeris. Thank God we have such kind of neighbours and not intelligent ones.
    Aliyev who will be out of his country during war, is making such childish statements, expecting that he will waken the azeri “patriotism”.
    He is waiting for 20 years now for Armenia to decline in power, but the rather opposite is happening, Armenia is strong, and can finish azerbaijan once and for all if given the chance.

  9. levon sanosyan said:

    Wishful dream Aliev! The day will come when the Armenian flag will fly in Baku and elsewhere. You go and figure out where it can be….

  10. Haik Azad said:

    Let Ali Baba Allahtan Ilhan vent his kgb venom as much as he likes-a barking dog doesnt bite-and we should apologize to dogs comparing them to good old Alievich.Same is true for his turkey brother,or rather a sister-R.T.Mad dog an.Bow wow wow.

  11. Grish Begian said:

    This is why Mr. horsey’s dictatorial regime survived so for..he knows how to play with his Turkic tribes!! As long as Artsakh exist, then he can play an Armenian card, in order to secure his life time presidency over his Sheikhdom. His false presidency will end one day, when the Sheikhdom people rise against oily corrupted dictator, kill him in water sewer, like dictator Gaddafi, who was another mad man with similar mentality!!

  12. David said:

    Its time to break their new toys We Armenians suffered to much to lose,
    Wich we allreadey have prooved in karabakh Azerbaijan had tanks artillery combat aircrafts helis all kind of weapons and gunz in the karabakh war.

    We Armenian had only volunteers fromt he world who came to save our nation
    we had had only ak-47 as weapons and some other kind of weapons, but we did not had aircrafts or helis tanks we were just a rebel army of 25.000 men and azerbaijan 45.000 men wich was well armed

    Armenia on the other hand suffered a lot from the earthquake also
    and look now who won.

    We Armenians are smart and better fighters and stratic way better than them.

    They all were cowards in the war they were dumb they had no stratics

    plus they started the war. Its a shame we could not fully complete to take our lands out of azerbaijan karabakh is only the half part of karabakh plus we need to take back our naxichevan

  13. David said:

    what will Azerbaijan become over 5-7 years when they run out of oil?

    Aliyev uses karabkh as a tool so that their people wont turn against him becouse their country is corupted as shit

    They can buy what ever they want renember its not the weapons that will lead you to victory
    but its the person who controlls the weapons

  14. David said:

    Nobody cares about azerbaijan it is only their oil they have no braind but oil in their heads
    eaven Turkey uses them for oil so does russia and all other countries

    wait for 5-7 years when there oil runs out they will become shit and armenia wil rise
    eaven from the position we are now in, the blockades we have no sea we have not so much resources.

    But we have brains thats what they have not let them build their new buildings let them become modern let them buy new weapons it wont change any thing

    If Azerbaijan wanted war they had than that a logn tiem ago maybe they will i dont know but something is gone happen that i am shure he uses karabakh as a tool for him self aliyev

    he is also afraid to lose more land thats the reason why they still have not attacked us

  15. David said:

    They rewrite history propaganda if you hear their story they will tell you they are the world oldest people

    Azerbaijan i can tell you azerbaijan is not older than my car

    like the iranian and armenian scholars said

    but yeah if you feed somone oil they might believe you

    But their history is not founded in any country in the world

    Azerbaijan today is Ancient albania

    plus our lands that are left in azerbaijan like northen karabakh and naxichevan look at the historical maps

    of the roman empire babylonian maps persian empires byanztium empire there was no Azerbaijan!

    You will see only those lands under our borders

  16. David said:

    and dont worry about their army becouse the difrence between our armies is the same as 20 years ago let them buy as much as they want

  17. Norin Radd said:

    Little Hitler talking again, where is Erdogan his big Hitler brother?

  18. Arsu said:

    We will see what is going to happen cry baby Armenians. We will descend upon you suddenly and slit your Armey then you will become a cry baby like you did in 1915

    • GB said:

      So you are proud of of those animals, when they rape girls like your age!!!! killing older mercilessly, raping and murdering young boys and girls in 1915???? this is a Turkish way of life, when they see weaponless population, Allah drive them crazy!!!!! Do you think that same scenario will happen again??NO my dear, if your brave-heart Tatars invade our lands, we will evaporate them and remember we still keep our Christian faith we don’t kill defenseless population, and we don’t rape little kids and women or beheading men…we send them away from troubled areas with plenty of food and water!!

    • Orhan said:

      a true descendent of criminals!! a product of criminal minded race, ottomans of 2012

  19. Alex Postallian said:

    The swine-head alicat is heavy in drugs,like his turk brothers,all talk,no action.He is losing prestige in azerbaturk,so he resorts to turky psychosis of scare tactics and fabrication.

  20. bigmoustache said:

    if our lobby was so strong we might have gotten the international community to condemn azerbaijans war mongering.

    stupid aliev, all your military hardware will end up in our hands, you will lose more land than before and created more refugees. maybe you can spend some of that oil money on the refugees from the last war, oh wait then youd lose your biggest propaganda

  21. Lusik said:

    Does he understand or he does not, in both cases he is aware that International community moves forward with the de facto recognition of the independence of Artsakh. All political and social structures are applying today approaches based on the undestructive fact that independent Artsakh is a success example of a human society that fought its independence, created good-working political and social infrastructures and did not succumb into civil, religion or other wars.

    Does Alyev have a political will and courage to acknowledge this fact? THIS IS THE MAJOR REGIONAL PROBLEM. The nearest future – economical, political, social, of the population of both Armenia, Artsakh and Azerbaijan seems to depend on the absence or lack of the courage of this single well-groomed, fast-baked semi-politician, semi-bourgois. Is not this a true tragedy?

  22. ohannes said:

    one more time the angry dog is barking keep barking MR,dog today in the time magazine there where
    pictures of 100 most influential people in the world Mr. Alive case his picture should be in angry dogs magazine
    one more time go head make Armenians day MR alive angry dog

  23. Hamasdegh said:

    All you have to do is to read international press reports about human rights abuses in Azerbaijan to see how stupid and paranoid the ruling class has become in that country. Here is a news item that appeared in Lebanon’s Daily Star today about the beating and mauling of an Azeri well known investigative journalist in Baku by the security forces of Aliyev. The guy was so badly beaten that he has lost his ability to speak.
    Try this link to read the news item.

  24. The Truth said:

    TeliaSonera, the successor to Sweden’s state telecom monopoly ‘profits by helping dictators spy’

    In Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan, for example, there is a system called Sorm which is connected to TeliaSonera’s network and which allows authorities complete access to the countries’ telecom system, Svergies Television (SVT) investigative journalism programme “Uppdrag granskning” has shown.

    The system allows security services direct access to subscribers’ telephone calls, data, and text messages, resulting in wiretaps which have led to the arrest of members of the political opposition.

    In one instance, a man in Azerbaijan was called in to an interrogation by the country’s security service after having voted for Armenia in the finals of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

  25. John Ahmaranian said:

    So!!!!!! There is Human Rights abuse among the Azeris?! No way!
    Mr. Alyev, do not accuse the Armenian lobby, because, for the last 400 years, you and your (Turkish) patrons and friends, have been abusing the Armenians, the Arabs, the Bulgars, the Kurds, the Laz, the Hemshens and now are you surprise that there is Human Rights Abuse in Azerbayjan?
    Your father Haydar Aliev , in his grave, is regretting for giving you the leadership of your country.

  26. Trurth said:

    Looks like dictator aliyev forgot to take his medicine again before making a speech. Now, I’m no doctor but it seems like this guy is suffering for schizophrenia. Who are these hidden Armenians he speaks of that disguise their identity in top media outlets? The only one i can think of is Nicholas Kristof and the only reason he doesn’t have an Armenian name is because he’s half Armenian. Myabe the punishment for the azeris is aliyev the schizophrenic dictator.

  27. Tatul Sonentz-Papazian said:

    Yes, I can see the day, when Azerbaijan’s flag will be raised in Stepanakert (not Khankendi), on an Azeri embassy building. Even in Shoushi, on an Azeri consular building… That, I’m afraid, will be the extent of legally sanctioned Azeri soil in the internationally recognized sovereign Republic of Armenian Artsakh. President Aliev better get used to the idea!

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